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Blakely Gray – 5 Months Old

Our little Blakely girl is FIVE months old. She is SO much fun! December was a big month for her. She rolled onto her tummy on December 8th during her nap in crib. I saw her on monitor and was in shock! And it always kinda scares me when they start rolling over in their crib because their necks aren’t very strong yet. Since then she’s rolling all over the place! She is better at rolling over her left shoulder and still struggles to get to her back from tummy. But she’s getting so strong! And it’s so cute how proud of herself she is when she’s rolling around. 🙂 

She had her first official giggle December 14th while playing with mommy on the couch. My heart! OMG I love her so much. Best. Sound. Ever!!!! The past couple weeks she has really started to giggle and finds lot of things funny. Tooth can always make her smile and giggle. And she loves to smile and coo at Ryder. Whenever she makes eye contact with him he says, “EYES!!”. LOL So cute.

Blakely loves being around daddy and stares at him in awe. LOL So cute. She’s also been sleeping through the night (she goes to bed around 7:00pm gets a “dream feed” around 10:30pm. Goes from 10:30-7:00am) the past week or so and both mommy and daddy are loving the extra Zzz’s! She is such a happy baby! Everyone is always asking us if she’s always “that chill”. And, yes! She’s just a delight! Ryder was the same way as a little baby and people were always in shock that he was so “good” all the time. I guess we’ve been very lucky with babies that are chill and easy to soothe.

Ryder has been interested in playing with Blakely lately. She can’t really “play” yet but he shares his snacks, balls and toys with her sometimes. Which is just adorable. I can’t wait to watch them play together and have little conversations.


Sooo… I wrote this on the 30th (her official five month mark). I also took the sweetest five month old pictures of her with flowers, like I always do. Ryder even layed next to her and smiled for the camera. Then somehow, my computer erased them!!!?!? OMGGGGGG I might cry. Thankfully, those were the only pictures that magically disappeared. My brother works for Apple and is a computer wizard. I’m hoping he can help me figure out where they are and somehow retrieve them?! But for now… Here’s what you get: a random selection of iPhone pics.

She loves standing! Which is so cute but seriously, STOP GROWING UP SO FAST!

This girl lovessss to get naked and roll around. She is so happy when nakey!

This girl and her duck lips! This reminds me so much of Ryder and every now and then she looks SOOO much like him as a baby. Gives me major flash backs and I kind of love it.

Love to suck on those toes! Which I just love. 🙂

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