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Blakely's 5th Birthday - Barbie

HOW is my baby five?? FIVE? (Insert sobbing face.) I seriously cannot wrap my head around this one! My babies are growing up way too fast. Time is a thief.

If you saw my previous blog about Ryder's 7th Birthday, then you know Blakely is up next! This girl shocked me when she chose Barbie theme. I asked her over and over again if she was sure. Haha. She's never really been into Barbies, so I was worried she'd change her mind! But she was *sure* she wanted a Barbie themed party. :)

I was hesitant buying her this pink "Barbie" dress because I knew she'd only wear it once. Maybe more for dress up? But MAN, I am so glad I got this dress for her. Seeing her all dressed up for the party was SO freaking cute. Safe to say she legit felt like a princess. And she wasn't mad about it! LOL

Whenever I set up the kids parties and themes, I see all the little flaws or areas I could have made more special or parts that don't look "perfect". But my gosh, she loved her table. The kids light up when I set up their birthday tables and it seriously makes my heart so happy.

I was a little worried their party wouldn't seem as cool or as special to them because we couldn't have all our friends over (thanks, Covid) but they both had a great time. I'm so grateful the kids still got to have a party together and celebrate. Something about Blake turning five just felt BIG and I wanted to make sure we celebrated big for our girl. Er, as "big" as we could.

Their birthday party has always been about time with friends. And then on their actual birthdate, we celebrate small with just our family. They get to pick where they want to eat for dinner (Blake picked Red Robin haha) and we have a small cake and presents at home.

Thanks again to the friends and family who came to make our kiddies feel special. We love you all and are so blessed to have you in our lives.

And to my Blakers, we love you so much. You are the girliest, silliest little bundle of cuddles and sass I have ever met! I am so grateful I get to be your mom. We adore you, sweet girl. Happy 5TH Birthday, Blakely Gray

Photography by Jenna Sparks


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