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Casual Date Night + Favorite Nude Sandals

Hey guys… We were struggling getting out the door to take a few pics and we almost missed the sun entirely! It gave me a chance to work on editing really dark pictures. Ha. I’ve obviously still got a lot to learn in the Photoshop department.

These pictures were so dark they were almost black! #oops It’s hard to get out the door. Especially when you still struggle leaving your kids and have to kiss them 14 times and wave bye-bye for 9 minutes. #separationanxiety 

Anywho, this casual shirt is so comfortable. But a good change to my covered-in-spit-up-and-food t-shirts. This top is from Denver Street Boutique and no longer available but I am linking similar tops below and I love them alllllll. Also, have I mentioned how much I love these sandals?! My fav from this summer by far! (PS some of the items I linked below are still on sale at Nordstrom!)

See my top Nordstrom Anniversary Sale items HERE!


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