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Chunky Dutch Braid Video

Hey guys!! This video is so embarrassing. LOL I’m such a rookie! I get so many questions about my braids and they are soooo easy. I hope this helps. This video isn’t great quality and my husband was videoing me while the dog was barking, Ryder was screaming and Blakely was on his hip. #momlife

I hope to someday repost this braid with a higher quality video. Like I said, I don’t know what I’m doing when it comes to videoing, editing, etc. This video is sped up (to help shorten the length of video for you) but FYI if you have thick hair like me, I do not pull all my hair into my braids. Otherwise, they are TOO big and just out of control! Even if you have very thin hair, you can do this braid. Just keep pulling it out until it looks as thick/chunky as you want it to.

I would LOVE to see your braids if you try this. Tag me in your posts so I can see! 🙂 (Instagram: whatsup_buttarcup) Let me know if there are any other braids you’d like tutorials for. Because, you know. I make the most amazing, high quality tutorial videos everrrrrrrrrrr, right?!

Click HERE to see YouTube video. Or you can check out my Facebook for full tutorial as well. Hopefully this video helps you or at least gives you a good laugh!!! 😉 #rookie


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