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Diaper Bags I Love

I remember when Ryder was a newborn and wondering which bag was the best? I LOVE bags and knew I’d end up with more than one. I just didn’t know I’d end up with this many. Ha! So maybe these tips can help you? I guess I am some what of a bag hoarder. I love bags of all shapes and sizes! When I don’t want to use a diaper bag I tend to gravitate toward big totes that I can just throw my things in. But here is my experience so far with the diaper bags I’ve purchased over the years…

Pottery Barn – Here This bag is large with lots of pockets. With just one baby, it felt like too many pockets for me, but I love the classic look of it. If I need a larger bag because we’re going somewhere where I need to pack more things than normal (extra outfit, lunch, etc.), I’ll grab this bag. Sometimes having too many pockets (like this bag) can make me feel LESS organized. This bag is so big, it’s kind of a pain to even fit into the basket on my stroller! But it’s so cute/classic and I still grab it from time to time. Because it’s bigger, I can pack a lot of stuff in it! I won’t be surprised if this is my go-to once I have two babies to pack for.

Marc Jacobs – Here This is also a larger bag and has lots of pockets. This bag is not stiff or structured and sometimes that drives me crazy unless it’s really full because it just folds down on itself and makes it hard to see inside. All the big, extra pockets can make it hard for me to feel organized and makes it harder on me to know which side of the bag and which pocket things are in. But I love this bag while traveling because I can pack SO much in it! When it’s really full, it doesn’t fold down on itself. I love the look of this bag and think the fun patterns are SO cute. This bag is also a little too big to fit perfectly in the basket in my stroller.

Ju Ju Be – Here This is the bag I am currently using. It’s a little smaller than some of my others, but still plenty big! I LOVE this bag. You can wear it over your shoulder, cross body or as a backpack. Having the backpack option is so handy. Especially when traveling. Sometimes the shoulder strap bags are tough because every time you bend down, they swing down and get in the way. There are a lot of pockets in this bag, but not too many. I feel very organized with this bag and love the patterns they offer! Added bonus: this bag fits perfectly in the basket of my stroller!

Lassig Green Label Neckline Bag – Here I loved that I could get this bag over my shoulder easily. That is a MUST for all my bags. Again, this had a lot of pockets. Which is something I may prefer when I am packing a diaper bag for two little ones instead of one. This bag is more structured than the PB and MJ bags, which I liked. Because this bag is a little smaller and structured, it fit into my stroller basket easier.

Diaper Dude – Here My hubby has this bag and just has it ready to go for nights he might take Ryder out without me. He prefers this to using my “girlie” bags. He leaves diapers and wipes in it and will just throw in a snack and a sippy cup when he takes off.

Skip Hop Pronto Changing Station – Here This is so convenient. Especially if you’re a minimalist. I always wish I was a minimalist, but I can’t do it! I always feel like I “might” need 100 other things. LOL But this changing pad station can store wipes, diapers and small creams in it. So if you have this in your diaper bag and need to leave the room to go change the baby, you just grab this bag and have everything you need right there. My hubby loved when I had this in my diaper bag when Ryder was little and needed diaper changes more often because he wouldn’t have to go digging around in my bag for the wipes, diapers and cream. It was just all right there. He’d just grab this and change him for me, which I always appreciated! Anything to make diaper changes easier/quicker!

Here is a picture (via Pinterest) of my Ju Ju Be bag that I love. 

What is your go-to bag? Did you need a bigger bag with two kids vs one?


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