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Family Trip to Arizona!!

Palm trees. They call my name! If I am in the presence of palm trees, I’m a happy camper! (Unless I’m actually camping. Then chances are, I’m not happy.) One of my best friends moved her little family to AZ about a year ago and I am still in denial about it. My friend Heather and I (who I now live two doors down from – is this real life?!?!) were devastated when Britt told us they were moving. But we’ve done our best to visit frequently and it’s been a lot of fun!

Heather text me one day asking if Tim and I would be interested in joining them on a family trip to AZ and taking all the kids. And DUH, yes. So two minutes later the entire trip was booked. Ha. Mark (Heather’s hubby) found the most amazing rental property in north Scottsdale! He did all the work and wowsa, did he do a great job! The home was perfect. Plenty of space for both families and we even brought along our sitter (and wonderful friend!), Kendra.

The home we rented had a huge kitchen with two separate wings, so we all had plenty of space and room for the kids to have successful nap time while the older kids could play! Plus, there was a heated (and gated) pool in the backyard. Score! We also had a trampoline, a play-set for the kids and a tennis court. It was basically heaven. And added bonus that the home was gorgeous and legit looked like Joanna Gaines decorated it.

We spent our time swimming, BBQing, playing, chatting, drinking, shopping. It was perfect. Heather, Britt and I had a morning at the Omni Hotel Spa – it was fabulous. Lunch in robes by the pool with mimosas. Hour long massage and time with my fav gals. So good for the soul. The guys spent a couple early mornings golfing and I’m pretty sure all three hubby’s were in heaven! That night we took our entire crew out to a pizza dinner. Lots of food, spilled drinks (toddlers, eh), candy, laughing and fun. LGO Pizzeria in Arcadia is sooo good.

Since we brought along our sitter, we tried to get out a little bit everyday to get some adult time and catch up. We had breakfast and coffee at The Henry – which is darling! And of course we spent some time shopping at the Fashion Square Mall kid free. Heather and I were so excited to go to Zara to get some goodies for the girlies! 🙂 And Britt is pregnant with her third baby – a girl!

The last full day we had in AZ we decided to take the kiddies to the McCormick Train Park. It was so cute and the kids had a BLAST! We grabbed salads for the adults at Wildflower and ate picnic style with all seven kids. It was wonderful. That evening, the adults snuck out for one last dinner at Olive and Ivy and that place is freaking cute. We sat on the patio drinking cocktails and laughing like always. I already praying we can repeat this wonderful trip next year!

Honestly, the best family trip we’ve taken! Tim and I are so grateful to have such wonderful friends – traveling together is just a bonus! 🙂 We can’t wait for more fun family memories like this.

All of these photos were taken on my iPhone and are unedited.

Unless they were edited through Insta stories, etc.

The kids were so excited for the trip and talked about it pretty much every second of the day for an entire week beforehand. Ha.

I always give my kids suckers when we’re landing!

Hungry after a morning of travel – of course we had to stop by In-n-Out! YUM

The kids were so funny playing “crack the egg” and running around! Brought back a lot of my own childhood memories.


Kendra was wonderful with all the kids! Having her there was soooo worth it. It made all of us feel more comfortable knowing there was another set of eyes on all these kids! And she played with them ALL from the second they woke up, until the second they went to bed at night. We also had time to hang together. You know, like braiding hair and watching the Bachelor – seriously!

Spa time!!

This is in Britt’s new backyard. They just renovated this house and it’s awesome! The backyard is a dream. Kid heaven.

The three amigos! Sheesh I love them.

Similar tops here and here.

Lots of questions about our tops on Insta – Heather’s is current and from H&M. Mine is from Nord but older. My earrings are new and so much fun! Love them – and they aren’t heavy!

At the train park. They couldn’t freaking wait to ride the train!

This is Graham. Ryder is convinced that Graham is his cousin. Bahaha. It’s so funny. Heather and I met when we were both pregnant with these boys – and they turn FIVE this year. Whaaaat??!?! They’re so big and the cutest buddies.

“MOM!! Watch this!!! Did you see me put my head under?!” HAHAHAA Silly kid. Swimming is gonna be a challenge with this guy. But at least he’s floating on his own and not clinging onto my back for dear life anymore.

The kids. Minus Crew (who was sleeping – he’s 5 months old) and the “pink baby” in Britt’s belly. (Blakely was confused why she didn’t get to see and hold Britt’s baby – lol. Pregnancy is hard to explain!) And TJ was unable to join us on this trip. 😦

Our last few pics at the house before we had to head back home – to SNOW!

Wonderful memories on this trip. So glad Mark and Heather asked us to join them on this fun family vacay. Can’t wait til next time!


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