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Fun Layers for Fall

I love scarfs and this mint color is so much fun. I am also loving these torn up boyfriend jeans. They are so comfortable! I love dressing these looser jeans up or down. I love mixing “dress up” clothes with more casual things. This top from Denver Street Boutique is so cute. I love the zipper detail on the front. (Added bonus: Makes nursing much easier!) And this olive color is one of my favs for fall and winter.

These fringe booties are my fav! I love them so much and I’m so sad they are no longer available! I will link similar styles that will be better for winter months. I love fringe booties! Such a fun and easy way to add another “layer” of interest to outfits.

I get so many questions about my curls! I am working on getting a few tutorials put together and posted on my blog. But OMG there is a huge learning curve there for me. LOL I’ll get on that soon, promise! But just FYI, I curl my hair by wrapping it around the barrel (instead of putting hair inside the clip on the curling iron).

Other than my go-to braids and beach-y curls, is there any other tutorials you guys would like to see? Let me know what you’re wanting and I’m hoping to start getting videos rolling (hopefully within the next week or two).

Fringe booties herehere and here // Distressed denim here and here

Zipper shirt from Denver Street Boutique. You guys, this boutique is awesome! So hard not to buy everything! You’ve been warned 😉

Love this necklace from Evereve // Blanket scarf // MK Watch

Loving my layers bracelets from Benny J


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