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Gift Guide for the Family

Hey guys! Today I’m sharing a huge Gift Guide for the men, women and kids in your life! I came up with a top 9 for each category and hope this helps you with the person who has everything. Would love to know what’s on your wish list!

Everything below is something we have loved or something we are wishing for this year. Hope you enjoy and happy shopping! xo 


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1. Cologne – I absolutely love this scent! Tim has worn it for years

and I can’t get enough of it!

2. Wingtip Oxford – Tim has these shoes and they are his favorite!

He has them in two colors and gets compliments on them every time he wears them.

3. Yeti Tumbler – Ok, Tooth is obsessed with his Yeti Tumbler.

I think he has three now! LOL He takes them everywhere he goes and rants and raves about how cool his Yeti’s are. Eye roll. But it’s been a hit!

4. Laser Rangefinder – Tooth asked for this from Santa this year.

He’s had one for the past 4-5 years and it recently broke.

He’s dying for a new one and this might be favorite toy ever!

If your hubby/significant other is a big time golfer, this toy is really fun for them.

5. AG Jeans – Tim is tall and has a hard time finding jeans that fit

just right. He tried these on the other day and fell in love with them.

I told him he’d have to wait to see if Santa puts them under the tree! 😉

6. Miracle Man – I try to get Tim a book each year and this one came

highly recommended!

7. Happy Socks – It took me a couple years to get Tim on the

fun-sock band wagon. But now he loves them! These socks are a fun

addition to a guys outfit. Guys don’t get to have nearly as much fun with

accessories as women do!

8. Watch Case – This is a great idea for the watch lover!

I love that you can customize it and keep your watches safe and in one place.

9. Beanie – Everyone needs a beanie! I’m digging this bright

red, but it comes in many color options.



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1. Tory Burch Tote – I have had my eye on this tote! It comes a

multiple colors and I love them all!

2. Curling Iron – I have heard great things about this curling iron and I think the white is so pretty.

3. Sequin Dress – This dress is so pretty for holiday parties and NYE! I love that it’s still modest.

4. Studded Heels – I recently got these and looooooove love them. They are such a great copy of the Valentino.

5. Red Jacket – I have wanted this red jacket from J Crew for so long! It’s so pretty. And love the red for the holidays.

6. Michael Kors Watch – I have this watch and it is a must-have in my book. I love the oversized look and always gravitate to this watch.

7. Kate Spade Crossbody – I have this bag in red and absolutely love it. It comes in tons of colors and I totally want it in this color! So soft and goes with everything.

8. Karen Walker Sunglasses – I have a copy of these sunnies and really like them. So much that I want the Karen Walkers!

9. Ugg Slippers – I mean, these don’t need an explanation. How do I not already own these?! So cozy. ………………………….


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1. Jellycat Unicorn – I love this oversizes stuffed animal! Blakely loves

stuffed animals and gets so excited whenever we’re out and she sees one. 🙂

This brand is SO soft and my absolute favorite.

2. Play Cash Register – This is so cute! My dream job growing

up was to work at the grocery store sliding the groceries over the scanner.

Dream big, girl! LOL I think Ryd and Blake will both love this toy.

3. Radio Flyer Trike – We got this when Ryder was little

and we have gotten so much use out of it! Blakely loved it last summer

when we were outside and I didn’t want her crawling around on the concrete.

This toy is a must!

4. Mini Drone – These come in all sizes, colors and some even have

cameras on them. I guess older kids these days are liking these drones!

5. 3 Minute Devotions for Guys – I got this for TJ this year. Tim has a

similar one (for men) and he loves it. Reads it every morning.

6. Paw Patrol Treat Time – Ryder loooooves Paw Patrol and asked

Santa for “Paw Patrol toys” this year. LOL I think he will really enjoy this toy!

7. Personalized Wood Rattle – Both my kids have these and love

them. They are so well made and beautiful gifts for the babies in your life.

8. Take-Apart-Car – This toy was made for Ryder (or any

car-loving kid!). I can’t wait to see him play with this.

9. Freshly Picked Moccs – These are the best moccs!! These are a great gift

and they come in many colors and patterns! Absolutely love these moccs.

Happy holidays! xo

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