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Go-To Hair Products + Curling Irons

I get so many questions about hair products I use. And more specially, about the curling iron/s I use. I like to mix up my shampoo and conditioner. I keep 2-3 brands and types in my shower at all times. I rotate between brands. I use some to strengthen my hair (protein) and most often, products that reduce frizz and soften my hair. I also use a shampoo and conditioner that help prevent my hair from getting brassy.

In addition to switching up the shampoo and conditioner, I also use oil (when needed), a heat protectant and this clarifying shampoo when I feel like my hair needs a good, deep clean to get all the product gunk out of it!

I only use these products mentioned above on days I wash my hair - about every five days or so. The only other products I use is hairspray to hold the curl and dry shampoo.

These are the two curling irons I use - and LOVE. Hot Tools and T3. The sizes are similar but can look very different. When my hair is shorter, I much prefer the 1" Hot Tools iron. When my hair is longer, I use the T3 or a mixture of the two. I have purchased wands in the past, but always go back to the curling iron. I prefer the curling iron for two reasons: 1. I like being able to actually curl my hair inside the curling iron most of the time (as apposed to wrapping my hair around the outside of wand). 2. I love being able to clamp down on my hair with the curling iron (something you can't do with the wand) in areas where my hair just needs more heat to calm down and stop being so poofy and frizzy. Haha. Sometimes I feel like the wand alone doesn't give me as much control with the heat. I hope that makes sense!

Hopefully this is helpful. Everything is linked at bottom of this blog. Hope you guys are hanging in there with the pandemic and social distancing. It still feels surreal this is actual life. Much love to you all!


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