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Happy Wife – Happy Life

Just have to brag on my helpful hubby. He is such a huge help and we are always spoiled by him. This phase of parenting is exhausting and so hard. He is always more than willing to wake up early with the babies so I can get some extra sleep. He’ll call on his way home from work and asks how he can help me/run any errands for me before he heads home. Offers to pick up or order dinner if I haven’t been able to make it for that night (sometimes there just isn’t enough time in the day!). He comes home from work, exhausted, but ready to help with diapers, dinner, play with the kids, bath time… I could go on, but I’ll stop (I assume you’re already throwing up in your mouth – ha). 

One of the most helpful things is that he gives me so much flexibility when it comes to working out. If I want to get in a quick home workout, go on a walk, or head to a workout class… he watches the kids. He never hesitates to give me time away (whether it’s a work out, dinner with girl friends, a nap, whatev). 

Sometimes I struggle leaving the babies so I can have time to myself or to go workout. It’s this very strange pull. Half of me desperately wants time alone and time to work out. The other half of me is in so much pain at just the thought of being away from my babies for two hours. I’m trying hard to manage my time better. I’m still adjusting to my new norm… Six months later!! The more time I spend scheduling my week in advance, the more I can accomplish/the less stressed and overwhelmed I feel. If I schedule and plan my workouts for the week I am WAY more likely to get it in – and I feel less guilt about leaving. I schedule 2-4 workouts a week and usually get only two in. And that’s ok. It’s a work in progress (my scheduling and my fitness LOL). 

I’m still loving barre workouts and the fact that it’s so close to home. The MUSIC is so motivating and I truly feel so much better after I hit the barre. If you haven’t tried a barre class yet, DO IT! It burns so good. I look forward to the classes every time I schedule it into my week. And… I’m sad when I miss! Not sure I’ve ever felt that way about any other work out. Ha!  

On an unrelated note… Here is Blake in some leg warmers. O. M. G. With hearts on them. I can’t even handle the cuteness!!! I still can’t believe she is already six months old. She’s is such a happy little baby who loves to “chat”. I call her “Squeaks” because she’s always chatting and squeaking. LOL Ryder was the same way and I called him “Squeaks” when he was a bitty baby, too! 🙂 

That smirk!!!!

She looks so much like my hubby but every now and then makes facial expressions that look so similar to my baby pictures. This is one of them. Looks just like a Baby Buttars here.

Her hand on the chair. Seriously?! 🙂

COME. ON!!!!!

She is always sucking on that bottom lip. It melts me. Ryder did the same thing (maybe it’s from teething?!) and I love it. Cutest! And those eyes… 🙂

Check out Barre Forte and have FUN!

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