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Ice Skating Adventures

Tooth had the day off so we decided to go ice skating this afternoon! I have been wanting to do this, but always worry about it being too cold to go in the evening with the little ones. The weather today was perfect! So we packed up the kiddies and went up to Evergreen for the day. Ryder has never been ice skating and I don’t think he’s even seen it, so he was confused when we were telling him about how you “skate on ice”. We tried to explain, “like slipping or sliding. It’s fun!” LOL Maybe not the best explanation. Anywho, my friend went a couple weeks ago and recommended we take the stroller out to use it as a security so we don’t eat it. Good thing she told me this because OMG skating is much harder than I remember it being! (Help me, I’m old!!!) I can’t imagine trying to wear Blakely and skating around. Disaster!! So we took out the stroller and thankfully they also had little “helpers” the kids used to not slip and fall every 5 seconds. I saw the little kids using these as we were walking up and thought, “HA! Rookies!” But OMG. Thank GOD I grabbed one for Ryder. Because I ended up using it almost the entire time. LOL!!! I got a little confident at the end and tried doing a couple turns. I never fell but… It was not pretty. Ha! Love little adventures with our family! Makes my mommy heart so happy!

Ryder was nervous watching the people skate around. I can’t blame him!! He’s a “sit back and watch” kid the first time he does something new. He also still really misses his binki and sometimes sucks on his fingers. Which is so gross (germaphobe!!) but also so sweet to me. I just love him SOOOO MUCH!!

Snug as a bug in a rug. Bundled up in her stroller. Happy little girl!

We tried to get Ryder to “skate”. We didn’t get him skates, but thought he might have fun sliding around and slipping on the ice. But he did NOT enjoy it. It totally freaked him out. Poor guy. Again, can you blame him?! But he was more than happy to ride in the stroller and watch the other kids skate around. And he loved when I started doing “turns” and thought that was, “SO cool! Awesome, mommy!!!”

Tim and I were dying laughing at each other trying to skate. I’m literally grinning just thinking about it now. We both looked like baby giraffes learning to walk. With wobbly ankles. HA!!

Ok, so here I am. Being awesome, obviously. I was laughing so hard at the fact that I needed this thing. I was NOT confident on the ice for most of the time we were there and SO happy they provided these things. Whatever they are called?! I kept saying, “I look like the old guy from UP!” And no, these balloons are not photoshopped in. 😉

Sweet little girl was so happy to get out of her stroller and look around at everything. She has been so smiley lately and smiles at people as they walk by. Melting one innocent heart at a time.

After we got “warm chocolate” (Ryder is afraid of anything “hot”) and snacks Ryder was so happy to be back on dry land! Random mom moment: I kinda love when Ryder has food on his face. He seems so little and innocent. Before I had babies and I saw kids with food on their face or shirt I would think, “ewwww… Seriosuly?! You aren’t gonna wipe off your kids face?!” But now I just think it’s kind of adorable and it melts me. Tell me I’m not the only one?! So he rode home singing “twinkle little star” with Doritos all over his adorable face and I just wanted to squish him I love him so.


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