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Long Time, No Barre

Is it just me, or is it SOO hard to stay on track over the holidays?! There is never enough time to get everything done. With family in town, shopping to do (being Santa is hard work!), sick babies, etc it was almost impossible to get to Barre. I also have such a hard time leaving my babies!!!! I constantly feel a pull to be with them, no matter how much I want to feel the burn. So I tried not to be too hard on myself for skipping classes here and there. Trying to remind myself that it wasn’t the end of the world if I missed a class I planned on attending and that I can always get back on track once I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready. (And once my babies were feeling better!) This is one of the reasons I love Barre Forte! Because when you buy a “class pack” from them, there is no pressure to use it ASAP. They don’t expire! HUGE bonus! 

All the teachers are the perfect combo of sweet and BAD ASS. Seriously, so strong. Every time I’m there watching them teach and do the class with us at the same time, I’m in awe. They don’t even seem out of breath. WTF?! I’m like dizzy and sweating and breathing soooo hard. HA! Oh, and shaking. I love feeling the shake because I know I’m pushing myself. But OMG ouch!!! 😉 I love it. 

I’ve had a few friends express interest in taking classes but are afraid of it being too difficult. These classes are tough, but you go at your own pace. If you need to take a break, get water, etc… DO! You can push as hard (or not) as you want to. The teachers are very encouraging but never make you feel embarrassed if you are struggling or need breaks here and there. Isn’t that the worst feeling ever?! When you finally get yourself to a workout and feel like you’re being picked on by the instructor? Or like you’re about to PASS OUT but the teacher just keeps pushing and pushing??? UGH. I hate that. Makes me feel so self conscious, uncomfortable and I never want to go back. I promise this will not be the experience you get from Barre Forte! People of all ages, shapes and sizes are in these classes. I’ve also had friends ask me what to wear. Feel free to wear whatever you’re most comfortable in! But the most common attire is yoga pants and workout tops (think lululemon). Similar to yoga classes. And sticky socks if you have them. If not, just take regular socks. 

Would love to see your pretty faces there! Let me know if you ever want to go together and we can feel the burn together! And thank you to all who entered my giveaway over the weekend for the 1 free month of unlimited classes! I have a love/hate relationship with giveaways because I want to give them to EVERYONE! #anxiety LOL But remember that your first week is free (unlimited classes) and they have specials for first time clients. Hope you try it and love it! 🙂

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