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Milk + Cookies

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

We did this mini shoot last year with Brittany from Brooke Leigh Photography. This “milk and cookies” theme is so darling! It’s a quick and easy shoot and the pics are soooo dang cute! The kids really do get milk and cookies, so they aren’t complaining. Haha!

Last year I made one of these adorable photos into a puzzle and the kids loved it! So I made another puzzle this year with their picture from this shoot. The kids seriously love putting the puzzles together and it’s been a fun family activity to do together. I cherish these holiday memories with my bitty babies. Who are growing up SO fast. (insert ugly cry)

Brittany recommends kids wearing Christmas pjs for the shoot – we wore Hanna Andersson pjs again! (See Milk + Cookies pictures from 2018 HERE) I hope Brittany does this same shoot again in 2020 – I’ll do it every year with the kids for as long as they are willing!

Matching Pajamas from Hanna Andersson

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