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Moving Update + My Favorite Kiddies

These kids. I just freaking love them so much. This moving process has been hard on them. Every single showing we had freaked Ryder out. He would cry and stress when I made his bed and put his toys away. He would also pack up his backpack with this favorite animals, blankets, etc and take them with us in the car. He thought we were moving right then (every time) and never going back. Poor guy!! Breaks my mama heart. 

Blakely wasn’t too affected by the showings. But now that we’re packing up, she’s freaking. She has been so emotional and moody. I know she feels it. Something is up and she’s confused. Poor girly. Ryder keeps asking, “did someone buy our house?” and I keep saying no because we weren’t sure the deal was going to go through and telling a toddler we’re moving in three weeks is just too hard for them to wrap their heads around. So they don’t know our house has sold and they don’t know we already bought another house!

I can’t wait to tell them that we’re moving and where to. Because the house we bought is two doors down from one of my best friends! Also crazy: my cousin lives on the same cul-de-sac! I mean, what?!?!! I can’t believe it. If this all works out, this is going to be crazy awesome. So many kids and fun memories to be made. Ryder’s going to FREAK when he realizes he’s living next door to Graham! 🙂 

So the next couple weeks are going to be very busy with packing and preparing for the move. And then we will likely be in a hotel for a couple nights before we actually move into the new house. AHH. So exciting! We will miss our current home (I am sooo attached to the sentimental stuff) but we are pumped for the future and ready to move forward. God is good!!

Ok, and here’s 100 pics of my adorable kids. I love these shots by Jenna Sparks. I die. You can shop my outfit here and the kids details are below. xo

Blakely’s Bows here // My outfit blog here

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