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Patterned Top + Colored Heels

Soooo… Remember FOUR months ago when we started replacing (SIXTY) windows on our home due to hail damage?? And remember how on Mother’s Day they still weren’t finished?? Well, they still aren’t finished. Just when we started to see the light at the end of the tunnel (a very long, dark tunnel) we got another HUGEEEE hail storm this week. We literally had men on scaffolding currently working on our home when the storm hit. Which left me with three unknown men (who speak no english) in my basement with me as I held back the tears because I. CAN’T. DO. THIS. AGAIN!!! And, yep. You guessed it! ALL sixty of the windows that were replaced have to be replaced… AGAIN. I seriously might just cry myself to sleep. We were in and out of a hotel for about a month. Two in cribs. Naps all messed up. A LOT of strangers in my house at once. The loud, LOUD banging on the house all hours of the day. And now we’re starting over. 

I guess we were lucky, shockingly! A lot of our neighbors had windows and doors shatter during the storm (hail the size of gold balls and it lasted for over 30 minutes!) leaving them with windows to replace AND interior damage. This has to be a joke. I saw a lot of neighbors outside yesterday picking up parts of trees, pieces of their homes, etc and we were all just speechless. But, what can ya do?? It is what it is and we’ll just have to pray this doesn’t happen again! 

Annnnyway, onto more important things… 😉 Like this new white clutch. I love. Told you guys I have a bag/hoarding problem. SOS! I’m sure this clutch will be getting a lot of use this summer. Also, this light and flowy top from Fabrik is a bonus. I loooove a patterned top and the key hole at the top is so cute. 

These skinny jeans are so comfortable! I will link multiple pairs (at different price points) below. These green sandals are from a few summers ago but I will link similar styles. I love these and have them in two colors. They are so fun and flattering. 

The heel is a little too high for me to wear with babies though, so I save these for nights out! You could always swap the sandals out for flip flops and this outfit would be totally mommy-friendly. Other swaps to make this outfit mommy-friendly and summer-friendly: swap skinny jeans for shorts, swap clutch for diaper bag. 

My bracelets are from a few different places, I will link below. Recently just found a new cute jewelry line on Instagram that is SO cute. My diamond earrings are custom made by Mark’s Diamonds. If you ever want to work together to create a piece you’ll love forever, let me know! We can design anything you want and work to make it perfect for you. From simple bar necklaces, all the way to engagement rings. 

Similar top HERE, HERE + HERE

Stretchy Skinny Jeans HERE, HERE + HERE

Colored sandals HERE, HERE + HERE

White Clutch HERE – Similar HERE

Bracelets HERE, HERE + HERE

Necklaces HERE, HERE + HERE

Similar Stud Earrings HERE

Contact Mark’s Diamonds HERE

White Nail Polish HERE

Light Pink Nail Polish HERE

Hope you guys are having a great week!

Also, I’ve had a few people ask me questions about traveling with kids lately. You can read my post about traveling with kids HERE. This was written before I had Blakely, but it’s still the same. Hope this helps!


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