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Ryder Paul Turns THREE: Part 1

My baby boy is three. I can’t believe it. He is the cutest little man I’ve ever seen and continues to melt my heart and crack me up. We took these pictures before his third birthday and he was SO excited about his new digger. He kinda looks too big for it! 😦 I threw him a construction themed birthday party so I wanted some pics of him in his get-up before his big day came around. 

Ryder loves Lincoln. He runs around with him, carrying Lincoln’s ball. Never throwing it, causing Lincoln to bark and chase him around, jumping on him. Ryder loves it!! He giggles and squeals. It makes me smile so big when he plays with him like this! 

He is a funny little dude. Saying funny things all the time. I want to slap myself for not writing things down. But we are constantly cracking up. Oh, like the time he came up to me and said, “hey grandpa, can I have some pretzels? Ok, thanks!!” LOL (He’s always doing that. Asking for things and then saying “thank you” before you’ve even responded. Like, “listen here. I said ‘please’ so now I deserve what I asked for!”) I was so confused why he randomly called me grandpa?!?! I realized later that day that he was pretending I was a character on Paw Patrol. He calls all of us names from Paw Patrol. Generally speaking daddy is Mr. Porter, TJ is Alex and I’m grandpa. HA! I’m sure people are very confused when we’re strolling through Target and they hear my son call me GRANDPA. OMG, I love him. 

He loves books and can read a few from memory. He also loves singing and can sing the ABC’s, Row Your Boat, Rubber Ducky, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Paw Patrol, You Are My Sunshine… and maybe a couple more. 

Ryd loves his crib and never complains about nap time or bed time. He will sit in there in the dark singing to himself, playing imaginary games, etc. It cracks me up! He’s not potty trained and I do not plan on pushing this! He hasn’t shown interest in it yet and I know he’ll be ready when he’s ready. 

He still LOOOOVES his daddy. LOVES him. Major daddy’s boy. He begs to ride in daddy’s Jeep and points out Jeeps all over town when we’re out and about. He’s loved tools since I can remember and plays with his tool bench every day. 

He’s a brave little soul. Willing to try new things and climb the tallest ladder on the playground (without help!!). He loves watching movies and recently started saying, “mommy, I wanna snuggle,” and we’ll sit on couch under a blanket together, snuggling. Probably my most favorite thing EVER!! He’s very ticklish and tries to tickle Blake! HA! I don’t think he has the right touch quite yet because she just stares at him like, “uhh… what are you doing?!” LOL

He is a busy body who loves to be on the go. He always carries/brings lots of little toys with us! He can put his own shoes on and take them off. He’s mastered taking off his own shorts, but can’t quite get his shirts off alone. This makes him seem SO OLD to me and kinda makes me cry inside. 

He’s learning to share with Blakely and friends. Sometimes having great days, sharing everything, other days it’s a major struggle. He loves milk and will CHUG IT, slam his sippy cup on the table and say, “YUMMY cold milk!” 

He LOVES the park and could swing for hours and hours. He is very good at entertaining himself and playing. Sometimes he just sits quietly, playing with his toys. Other times he seems to be on a mission and is running around repairing things. I can tell he’s playing a very specific imaginary game in his mind and it is the cutest!!!

His blue eyes melt me and his hilarious and goofy personality KILLS US! We are constantly laughing at the funny things he says. I need to start writing them down because I can never remember them! 😦 

I don’t know what it is about my babies hands. But I love them. As they grow, their little hands in mine are constant reminders that they are growing faster than I’d prefer and to cherish every moment.

I can hardly handle this stud!!

We love you SO MUCH RYDER PAUL!! It hurts my heart, I love you so. I love watching you grow into the independent, fun-loving, sweet, goofy, smart little love bug that you are.

“No one will know the strength of my love for you. After all, you’re the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside.”

Part Two of this blog post will be the details of his birthday party decor. It’s adorable! I will link the shop and give a few tips for party planning. See you soon! XO

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