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Valentine’s Day Adventure + Cookies!

I decided to get the kids some yummy cookies from Eileen’s Cookies (pretty much crack cocaine. Go get some!) and take them on a little adventure downtown. I made the rookie mistake of letting Blakely see the cookies before I was mentally prepared for the mess and she was so upset that she had to wait! So in some of these pics she looks a little mad… because she was! 😉 

I just love the holidays with my sweet babies. I don’t have any idea where my intense love for these moments came from? But I am all about celebrating and making memories with my kiddies. Also, dressing these two is so much fun. I love when they “match”. I will link everything below. Tons of holiday sales going on!

Tooth and I are always asking her for kisses and she says “NOOO!!” in a grumpy voice and turns her head! Little stinker! 😉

I mean… I can’t handle her. Those dang pigtails get me every time!

Truly the BEST cookies! SO delish.

Obviously Ryder loves these cookies as much as mommy. 😉

Photography by Jenna Sparks


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