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Reflect + Refresh Workbook

Reflect + Refresh Workbook


This workbook helps you to reflect on the past and revisit the hurdles you overcame, the growth you experienced, and the wonderful memories you created. It 

encourages you to be proactive and set goals for the future months and year to come. It doesn't have to be January 1st to set goals and revisit your top priorities in life! This helps you to be *purposeful* with your time moving forward.


What if instead of the time passing by wondering "where did all the time go" and realizing you never took that family trip you wanted to take, you were planning AHEAD? From here on out, make *sure* there is time and space in your life for the things that set your soul on FIRE!


Take a little time to dig deeper into your life and goals. Strengthen your mind, time, relationships, career, and more by being purposeful and creating a plan so you can live a life you LOVE.

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