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Back to School Baskets

This year I decided to do back to school baskets for the kids! It turned out so cute and I had so much fun putting this together for them. The kids get so excited for back to school shopping. I have vivid memories of back to school shopping with my mom! It was so exciting getting new markers, binders, folders and outfits for back to school. Good times at JCPenney back in the day. Haha.

I gathered some things I knew they needed, loved or would like and made little baskets for them. Here is what they got:




-pencil sharpener


-pencil pouch



-custom mug

-special pens

-TAPE (my kids literally love tape - haha! It's a big joke in our family. But also serious. Ryder specifically really has a deep love for tape when he does his projects!)

I also got them these adorable tees from Little Mama Shop. Aren't they the cutest? There really isn't anything overly exciting in these baskets, but they are so fun. Setting up the table for holidays is a tradition that has grown over the years. I've finally admitted to myself that I will be doing this even when they're older! Haha. I was always sad thinking they would grow out of it. And I'm sure they will. But let's be honest... that's not gonna stop me from doing it! I'll just have to add in some older, cooler things in their baskets as they grow.

I've collected this stuff over the years. I always recommend buying this stuff now (or when you think of it) and then just save it for later! You can make some cute baskets now with simple things you can get from the store.

Hope this inspires you! Tag me if you're doing fun back to school baskets. I love to see them! :)

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