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Back to School Cups + Signs

The kids are officially back in school! They are on cloud 9. Remember the excitement at the beginning of a school year? :) The kids could hardly sleep they were so excited!

I wanted to gather a few posts and share links for frequently asked items so they're all in one place for easy shopping. These Back to School signs are darling and make the first and last day of school so easy. I had these printed on slightly thicker paper and have them stored at home so I don't have to worry about getting anything printed or organized the night before. I'm all about the EASY BUTTON!

The past few years I have gifted the kids teachers these personalized Starbucks cups. I put the school name (in a school color) and their name on the back to personalize it. These are so cute and a great gift any time of the year! School spirit, hollaaaaa.

This year I surprised the kids with their own! They'll use these in the mornings. We eat breakfast together at the island and they were SO excited when they got their own personalized school cups this year! I also leave these out for the kids to use when they come home and have their after school snack. I love that they have their own cups now because now they don't use 15 different cups every day. Haha.

I will link all the ribbons, tags, cups, signs, etc below. Click the arrows on either side to shop!


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