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Patio Deets - Summer 2020

We have spent the past couple years trying to make this space cozy and fun for our family. And since quarantine, we have used it a TON! We are out here a lot in spring, summer and fall - and I love this space. Tim is the one who makes the bigger, more important things happen. He got the outdoor tv set up, the shades that roll up installed and the heaters put up. These heaters are amazing and make a HUGE difference. It's because of these heaters (and the shades help, too!) that we can use this space most of the year.

I have wanted to replace this couch (we've had it ten years or so) but there are always more important things to spend time and money on, so the couch has stayed. I love this couch and the quality is amazing! I just wanted a larger couch for this space (we bought this couch for our patio at previous home and it fit perfectly).

So I decided to spruce it up a bit, since we aren't going to replace the couch this year. I got new pillows, a rug and a few plants and VIOLA! It feels cozy and fresh. We eat dinner out here often and Tim and I will sit out here and drink coffee together. It's my favorite! We also have movie nights out here with the kids and snuggle up with blankets and popcorn or we'll have game night.

This area is used a ton by our whole family and I really appreciate this space. The kids will also play out here with friends. They'll color, play with LEGOs and run back and forth between here and the trampoline. I hope the kids enjoy this cute spot as much as I do!


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