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Surprise 30th Birthday Trip to Chicago!

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Two days before my birthday my hubby took Ryder and I out to dinner to start my 30th birthday celebration. We ate at the Rio (Mexican has been a pregnancy craving of mine!) and he told me after dinner we were gonna go pick out a new camera/lens for my birthday present from the kids! I was so excited! I have been wanting a new lens and couldn’t wait to get it home to try it out.

On the way home I got to open my birthday cards where one informed me that Tooth would be taking me to Chicago the next day for my birthday! I was in shock! I couldn’t even respond! I had NO IDEA that he had this planned and was completely convinced that we were done traveling before the baby gets here this July. I was so excited but of course had a million questions for him. “When did you plan this?”, “Who is watching Ryder?”, etc.

By the time we got home two of my best friends and their hubby’s were there with cake and (non-alcoholic wine – I didn’t even know that existed!) to celebrate my birthday with us! I was so surprised and felt so lucky to have such a thoughtful hubby and wonderful friends to set all this up for little ol’ me.

Of course after cake I immediately started packing, showering, doing laundry, etc., to get ready to leave the next day. It was such a whirlwind but SO much fun. My hubby is always surprising me and has always been SO beyond thoughtful for my birthdays!

We stayed at the Trump Hotel and got in late Friday night. Tooth went all out and got us a suite and OMG it was amazing! We had a great experience at the hotel and enjoyed a lot of time relaxing in the great room with room service, movies, naps, etc.

We shopped ‘til we dropped (which didn’t take long because OMG, my pregnant feet!) and explored the city. SO much fun. I’m so lucky that I married my best friend! The night of my birthday we ate at Spiaggia. The restaurant was so beautiful and the food was AH-mazing. They surprised us with birthday dessert and it was a really fun dinner.

We also spent one afternoon exploring the Navy Pier (which was so cute and fun) and then went over to the Willis Tower (previously named Sears Tower). Tim really wanted to go there because he hadn’t been since he was a little kid and it was cool! Heights kinda freak both of us out but you guys… the views. SO BEAUTIFUL! I mean. I could not stop taking pictures. Such a beautiful view of the city and lake. I felt like such a tourist with the camera wrapped around my neck the entire time saying “look! It’s so pretty!” LOL There is also a spot where you can step out onto glass and look at the city to see how high up you are. It’s really freaky! Tim wanted to get my picture out there and because there was a huge line behind us, he was being kinda pushy saying “go!” but it seriously freaked me out! Once it was his turn to come out into the glass box to stand with me, he understood! LOL He was just as freaked out as I was and it’s like you want to take baby steps and hold onto something even though there is no reason to. HA!

The last night of our stay in Chicago we ate on the Terrace at the Trump Hotel where we were staying. We got lucky that the rain never came that night like we were told it was supposed to and got to sit outside in the perfect, cool weather. This view… so beautiful! Amazing service and an amazing view. Does it get better than this?

We had so much fun on the trip and I wouldn’t have wished to spend my 30th birthday with anyone else. But we did miss our baby boy and couldn’t wait to get home to him.

I am forever grateful for these opportunities to travel and hang with my hubby. Time alone is never taken for granted. He really is the most thoughtful person I’ve ever met and is always making holidays so special. But specifically on my birthday, he makes me feel so special, celebrated and wonderful. I just love him so much!

The quickest I have ever packed my bags! 

But no plane ride baby-free is complete without my Us Weekly

First day off exploring the city and shopping

At the Willis Tower

These views though!

At the Navy Pier

Birthday Dinner at Spiaggio’s

Last night in Chicago. We ate dinner on the Trump Terrace 

where the view was outstanding!


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