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Swimsuits from Cancun 2020

Updated: Mar 30, 2020

Getting back to reality after a wonderful week away in Cancun with friends has been rough! Blakely got sick the day after we got home. So it was lots of snuggles, laundry, unpacking, grocery shopping, etc. HALLELUJAH for grocery delivery.

Can I get an amen?!

Anyway, I had several people reach out asking for links to suits I was wearing. So I thought I would link that quickly. I will leave descriptions under the pictures describing fit, etc. I hope this is helpful!

This top was one of the online suits I order from Dokifans. I loved the tops but most bottoms didn’t fit quite right. Lots of the styles I ordered were “cheeky” which basically means your bum hangs out more than normal. Ha! I actually like this look, but knew I would want a bit more coverage with the kids around and tugging at me.

I am a big fan of mixing and matching suits, so I didn’t mind the bottoms not fitting perfectly – the suits on this site sell together so if you order a large, both the bottom and top are large. And I find I often need a different size top and bottom. Another great thing about this site for suits is that the price is great! So I wasn’t overly stressed buying suits because I knew I wasn’t dropping more dough than necessary.

Anywho, I paired the top from Dokifans with floral bottoms from Rad Swim. I love this bottom! And it’s also reversible. I also got it with the peplum top a few years ago, but never loved the top. I LOVE the cut and style of the top. I do not like the bra pads that cannot be removed. I always feel the shape looked odd on me. (I always prefer to remove the bra pads.) But this suit is really great quality!

This straw sun visor was worn almost 24-7. I felt like my brows (which were recently micorbladed – blog coming soon) were completely protected from the sun and I love that the back has velcro so you can make it at tight as you want. This may seem random, but I also really like to have my hair off of my neck when I’m hot and in the blazing sun. So I loved that this hat allowed me to put my hair completely up in a high pony and get it off of my face and neck. I seriously felt like me entire face was protected from the sun! It was great. I highly recommend this hat.

These Prada sunglasses were a Valentines gift from Tooth this year. I love, love the detail on them!

Dokifan top –  straw sun visor

Same straw sun visor here. Lived in this thing! It also got wet multiple times and held up perfectly! These heart-shaped sunglasses are a hit! I get so many compliments on these babies. Haha. I have red and black – they’re so much fun! Blakely also has the kids heart-shaped sunglasses. So cute.

This pink bikini top was from another set. I love the color and the ruffle straps! I paired this top with high-waisted black rushed bottoms from Amazon. I love these bottoms because they obviously can go with any top and they aren’t the “cheeky” style. So more of my bum is covered!

Here I am wearing a black top from another set. I paired it with floral bottom from Rad Swim – linked above. This top is so fun! I saw someone at the pool wearing the white version and it was so cute. This black top came with black bottoms – but they were super cheeky so I opted for the floral bottoms for the beach day.

Again the heart-shaped sunglasses and fedora beach hat. Highly recommend both!

This kimono is so lightweight and pretty! I also always travel with a beach bag to carry around all the toys, sunscreen, etc. I love a bag like this because it’s waterproof and also lightweight and super easy to pack! These Tory Burch flip flops are a must! I wear them out and replace them when needed – haha. I love them and always reach for them.


Blakely’s sunglasses are my favorite! And shocker, they got broken on this trip. Sad. But I ordered another (similar) pair. They are honestly so dang cute! And this mermaid swimsuit was SO SO much fun for her and Quinn. They had matching mermaid suits and tails – what kid dreams are made of! Haha.


Some kid links here:

Blakely’s leopard suit

Rainbow one piece – SO CUTE

Blakely’s floppy hat – blush cover up

Other links to things I took on trip and *loved*:

leather backpack – have been *LOVING* this thing!

Coola repair cream – saved our skin from so much sun.

pill traveler case – we each have one of these. I put our gummy vitamins in them.

studded flat sandals – so comfy!

Tory Burch flip flops – my favorite “fancy” flippy floppy 🙂

pom pom cover up – have this in a few colors retro round sunnies

So much fun and wonderful memories made. Grateful mama.

(See our trips from APRIL and MAY 2019)


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