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Baby Products I Love

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

Here are some of my favorite baby products that I loved using with Ryder and can’t wait to use again:

Como Tomo Bottles These bottles were recommended to me by an employee at Right Start and I love them! They told me they were good for breastfed babies because the nipple is more “natural” and less of a shift for the baby. I loved them and Ryder never had any issues with gas, etc. We gave him his first bottle when he was about a week old and he never had a problem switching from boob to bottle. These are the best bottles for a newborn. Later on, when he needed a more fast flowing bottle I did start to use Avent bottles and I loved those as well.

Hooter Hider I loved my nursing cover from Hooter Hider. It has metal in the neck so you can see the baby while you’re feeding and adjusting. It was so hard for me to feed Ryder with a regular blanket wrapped around me (or my neck) because I couldn’t see what was going on! LOL It took me a while to really get the hang of breastfeeding and this nursing cover was a lifesaver in public, so I could see what was going on, but others couldn’t! Medela Breast Pump I loved my pump and used it almost every day! At the beginning I felt like using the pump helped me to build up my supply. It took me a long time (like 2 months!!) to really get the hang of nursing and breastfeeding. For both Ryder and me. Thankfully I had a friend who I reached out to in the middle of the night with a thousand questions. It was 3 am and I was desperate. I felt clueless and was so confused. She wrote me back almost immediately and I was SOOOO SO appreciative. She recommended that I pump 1 time a day after a feeding (after the same feeding each day so my body knew to expect it) and store that milk for times I was gone or just to allow my hubby to feed Ryder and get some bonding feedings in with him. I did that for several months! After Ryder’s morning feeding I would pump and I had so much milk stored up that we had to get an extra freezer in our basement. LOL! This pump was great and I’ve even traveled with it. I got the backpack bag for the pump and it was really convenient. You can use it with batteries or plug it right into the wall.

Honest Company I love the Honest Company! We’ve tried the sunscreen, the diaper cream, the bubble bath, etc. I’ve liked everything but I really love the diapers and wipes! These wipes were less aggressive on Ryder’s infant skin. (He got a couple of bad rashes when he was really little and I think the chemicals in the wipes were making it worse! Plus, the diapers are so cute and fun! I love getting new patterns!

Earth’s Best Baby Formula When I got toward the end of my nursing career with Ryder I was really worried about what chemicals I was putting into his body with formula. There are so many different kinds out there and a friend recommended this brand to me. I felt so much better about giving him organic formula! He never acted like he didn’t want this (as apposed to breast milk) and it was luckily a smooth transition. I could give him a bottle of breast milk or formula and he was A-OK!

Lille Baby Carrier I LOVED my Lille Baby carrier. It was really comfy and it’s like the Bjorn and the Ergo got married. You can wear this carrier with the baby on your chest, your back or either hip. I really loved this carrier and how versatile it was and had no complaints. Neither did Ryder!

Something I’m really looking forward to trying the second time around:

Halo Bassinet Something I’m excited to try for the first time with my second baby is my Halo Bassinet. I’ve heard it’s amazing for C-Section mommies and it’s very easy to get the baby in and out of the bassinet for feedings in the middle of the night. It has a sound machine, feeding timer, night-light and music built into the bassinet and I can’t wait to try it out! I had Ryder in a bassinet next to our bed after he was born and it was so difficult for me to sit up, get him out of the bassinet, feed him, then get back up and out of bed to put him back in his bassinet after each feeding. I needed a lot of assistance from Tim in the beginning just to sit up out of bed! This struggle multiple times in the middle of the night was rough on everyone. So I am hoping this bassinet makes night-time feedings much smoother for all of us. Those first few weeks after major surgery are rough! This bassinet has an adjustable height, swivels, and has one side that will lower when you press on it so you have easy access to move baby from bassinet to bed for feedings and snuggles. I can’t wait to try it!

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