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Daily Chores for Kids

My kids have daily chores in our home. Do they roll their eyes? Yep. Do they grunt and moan? Yep. But it gets done. And when it's done, they are so proud of themselves! They do very simple daily tasks morning and night.

In the morning the kids make their own beds and get themselves ready (get dressed, brush teeth) and to be honest, this was harder for me! Haha. I had to remind myself that it wasn't about the bed actually looking great. It was about them doing it. On their own. And learning. Most of the time, their "made beds" don't look great. But they did it themselves and that's awesome for all of us! Haha.

In the evening the kids help set the table and then get in the baths themselves (Blake still needs a little help washing that amazing mane of hers) and get in their pjs on their own. Sometimes we help with brushing their teeth, but sometimes we just have them do it on their own.

Other little chores we have them do around the house is pick up their own toys and messes. This one is a struggle because the messes are never ending and sometimes it's like the entire house has exploded. Haha. But I try to at least have them help with picking things up. Sometimes they help with yard work, putting clean dishes away, and putting their clean clothes away in their rooms.

Sometimes they get money from family for birthdays, holidays, etc. And sometimes we pay them for doing *extra* chores/jobs around the house (like 50 cents). This way, they can earn some money. And this is so exciting to them!

"I'm not raising children, I'm raising adults."


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