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7 Bible Study Essentials

If you're anything like me, you love a good journal and a set of fresh pens! Here I will list my top seven bible study essentials so you can have productive time in the word (whether you're at home or in a group bible study).

7 Bible Study Essentials:

I always have these with me while reading the Bible! I am a lover of highlighting. Haha. I love these colors and they truly do not bleed through the pages.

Ok, I love this thing! I got the bright turquoise (which is my favorite color) and use it to carry around all my bible study essentials. I even pack away all my things at home just so it all stays together. (AKA so my kids don't steal my special things!)

Speaking of kids stealing things (haha) they really can't help themselves with my pens! I am a pen snob and it really makes me happy to write with pens I love. Plus, I love all the color.

I have this and love it. How pretty is this?! I highly recommend this for your own use, but it's also a great gift idea! I have also purchased the kids Write the Word and they LOVE them.

Is it just me, or is making a straight line impossible? Another great gift idea!

This makes getting through the Bible in one year so simple. Just follow along!

I have so many journals. I collect journals and notebooks. Haha. This one is so pretty and prompts you in your prayer.

These are my top seven bible study essentials. Whether I am journaling, reading, praying or rewriting the word, I have these items with me! I hope this list was helpful and maybe you found something new to try. Happiest bible study vibes comin' your way!

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