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The Chosen

Have you guys heard of the TV series The Chosen? A friend was telling me about it and I was so excited to watch it! I mentioned it to Tim and he said he heard it was awesome, so we started and quickly became addicted. Tim and I are always watching something together. It's our favorite part of the day! We get the kids to bed, finish picking up the house, take the dogs out, and then crawl into bed or cozied up on the couch for our show. It's seriously the best feeling! Haha. You guys feel me on this?

The Chosen Season 1 makes me feel like I am there, seeing Him through the eyes of those who knew Him. It has made me feel closer to Him and yearning for more. I want more episodes! Haha. But if I'm being honest, it also made me reach for my bible and listen to my bible app. It ignited a love and desire to know more, understand more. Let's just say, this series is powerful!

Every episode is special in its own right. But there are certain characters and episodes that hit me in a deeper way. Season 1, Episode 6 (Indescribable Compassion) was beautifully done. Watching Jesus' followers in awe as He heals a leper, and then later in the same episode Jesus heals a paralyzed man... this was so powerful. We've read these stories over and over. We know the characters, their struggles, and that He heals them. But getting to "watch" this happen feels different. It just hit me differently getting to "see" it.

The ending of Season 1, Episode 7 is equally moving. Nicodemus meets with Jesus and you can see and feel his confusion, longing, and pain. The last part of this episode sets the tone for Season 1, Episode 8, the finale. The finale is wonderful! Jesus and His disciples are preparing to leave on a long journey. But before they get too far, Jesus meets with a suffering woman at the water well. This interaction is beautiful. As a woman, I completely relate to this scene. Her heart is aching as she feels she has sinned, and she is abandoned by her friends and community. The shame and loneliness in her heart are apparent and Jesus is so calm and comforting to her. He is telling her she is loved. She may be forgotten or shunned, but not by Him. He loves her. At the end of their encounter at the water well, Jesus tells her he is the Messiah. She believes Him and is rejoicing in this wonderful news!

You guys, there are so many scenes and sections of individual episodes that I adore. I could go on and on. Too many things I love about this series to mention in one post. There is one thing that I really appreciated about The Chosen. And that was how the producers and writers captured Jesus' sense of humor. Not only Jesus, but all the characters are so relatable and humor is thrown in consistently. I LOVE this. This was honestly an aspect I didn't expect to see in this type of series. It's amazing. I love, love seeing Him be sarcastic, funny and so relatable. All the while he is gentle, loving, calm... I MEAN, IT'S JESUS! :)

The Chosen makes me feel like I am being transported in time and helps me understand who Jesus was in a deeper way. The characters in The Chosen are dealing with debt, demons, faith, denial, temptation, and more. It is truly beautiful to see how He loves and reached these individuals! Watching Jesus as he is reaching those struggling and growing His ministry to change the world is an amazing thing. It makes me wish I was there. It makes me feel like a little child just desperate for Him. Wishing I could be with Him. See Him. Touch Him. Feel his love and embrace.

I have some awesome news about The Chosen: The television series is FREE to watch through The Chosen app! HOLLAAAA! More good news: Season 2 was released on Easter Sunday and they released all eight episodes at once. Happy binging, friends! ;)

So what are you waiting for? Go download the app (for FREE) and start this wonderful series. I would love to hear your thoughts on The Chosen. I meet with my bible study group next week and I can't wait to hear what the other mamas have thought of The Chosen so far. It sparks different emotions in all of us. And I have loved chatting with Tim after each episode getting each other's take on it.

Fun fact: my next-door neighbor played an extra in Season 2! I can't wait to spot her. :) If you have been following along on my Instagram page, you already know that we are in the middle of a few projects at the house. We are exhausted by the end of the day! Long story short, we haven't started Season 2. I can't wait for life to slow down a bit so we can dive into Season 2 because I want to give it my undivided attention. Haha. I don't want to miss a thing, so it's not something we've put on since we've been passing out at 9:00 pm every night!

Let me know if you guys have seen The Chosen! I would love to hear your thoughts and takeaways from the series. And if you haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend you download the free app now! I hope you all enjoy and feel taken back in time just like Tim and I do. The Chosen was put together so beautifully. I will be so heartbroken when we're all caught up and don't have any new episodes to look forward to!

I don't know how to wrap up this blog because I truly could go on and on. And I oddly feel the need to end this blog with a prayer. Haha! Much love to you, guys. Thanks for being here. Amen. ;)


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