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Get Your Kids Involved with Everyday Chores

This post is sponsored by Lysol. All thoughts are my own.

Chores are a weekly, if not daily, thing around here! I try to get the kids as involved in chores as much as possible around the house. I want them to be responsible, know how to do chores properly, and also they get to enjoy the feeling of accomplishment!

There are a few things the kids are expected to help with on a regular basis. The kids are responsible for helping me with the dogs - including feeding, taking them out back to play, accompanying me on walks around the cul-de-sac and putting Poppy in her kennel before we leave the house. The kids also help set the table often before dinner - they really like this one! Haha. Another chore that the kids are regularly responsible for is folding and putting away their laundry! This one is huge because the laundry is never-ending.

Once the kids' dirty laundry basket has filled up, I have them bring down their baskets for me to wash. When I wash our family's clothes, I only use Lysol Antibacterial Detergent. Did you know this is the only detergent formulated to remove stains and odor-causing bacteria? I honestly had no idea that the detergents I was using before we not formulated to remove odor-causing bacteria. I just assumed the clothing was clean simply because the stains were removed!

I try to time the laundry just right so that when it comes time for the kids to help with this specific chore, we have plenty of time. This chore is probably the most time-consuming for the kiddos. So on an evening we don't have sports or other activities, we do laundry together. The kids are responsible for carrying their clean clothes to their rooms. Some of their clothes I fold for them, but others they are responsible for folding and putting away in drawers or hanging in their closets.

This chore is so important for me because I really want them to know how to take care of their clothes, and how to organize things! I think this chore in particular helps them to have a sense of ownership in their rooms and they take more pride in keeping their room clean as a whole. Major win, right?! Ha.

We have been staying busy this summer! We have spent a lot of time outdoors and the dirty laundry is just overflowing at all times. Haha. Sometimes I don't even understand how these kids get so dirty?? How on earth do they get food on the back of their shirts and shorts? How do they get dirt IN their ears and inside their pockets?? We weren't even anywhere near dirt or mud. Haha! If anyone knows the answers to these questions, let me know. ;)

But no matter what ends up on my families' clothes (whether it's from the dogs, dirt, food, or stinky sweat) I have the confidence knowing I will able to get our clothing, sheets and towels clean from stains and odor-causing bacteria. Knowing your detergent is working hard is a real mood booster! Haha. It honestly brings me great pleasure when the laundry is done and I know for sure that our clothes are clean thanks to Lysol Antibacterial Detergent. #HappyDance

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