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Healthy Snacks for the Family

Why do my kids snack 24-7?? Please tell me it's not just my kids. Haha. But seriously, I wanted to have more things available to them - ya know, other than Cheez-Its and apple sauce pouches. (Don't judge.)

Turns out, the kids love when we make healthy snacks together! They love to be involved and helping in the kitchen. I've been trying to hard to keep more fruits and vegetables available. The kids love cucumbers and carrots (with a yummy dip, of course). They also love sliced apples with peanut butter (and Nutella). Sometimes we have yogurt and granola. They both also love sliced cheese, crackers and pepperoni. These are a few options and they make me feel less bothered when the kids are constantly snacking. Ok, they aren't actually constantly snacking. But at least twice a day, between meals, they are asking for snacks.

They also love smoothies and I can sneak in some spinach! I always add some carrots and spinach to our smoothies. So delish. I always add a half scoop of protein powder to their smoothies to get a little more protein in their bellies. I find that if they're snacking on Pirates Booty all day, they never seem satisfied. If I focus more on protein, they seem to snack less.

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