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DIY Beaded Bracelets

The kids and I have done beaded bracelets and necklaces as a fun craft for years. Recently, I've actually gotten really into it. Haha. I have found some awesome beads and it's so fun to sit with the kids, work on a project together and chat. Both my kids LOVE when I pull out the "bead bag".

I will link below tons of bead options... But here is my most recent beaded bracelet creation: all my kiddies names in gold and black. I actually had someone ask me where I purchased them!

I usually cut the string for kids and tie the knots at one end (so beads don't slip off) and then they get started! I love seeing their creations. :) Once the bracelet is done, I will triple knot the stretchy string and then I add a little dab of glue to make sure the knot doesn't come undone. The kids are pretty rough on these bracelets and I can't remember one ever breaking or the string snapping! We've lost a few... hundred. Haha. But I really think the stretchy string and a little dab a glue is what does the trick!

If you guys do this fun craft with your kids (or even just solo with some good music and wine) please tag me! I love seeing you guys and sharing common interests and creations together.


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