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Easy Date Night Outfit

Tim and I had our first date in months last week. It was SO nice to get out and eat a meal together - that someone else cooked. Haha. Going out to eat is one of the things I missed most during social distancing and quarantine. We went to one of our go-to restaurants and it felt goooood to catch up and spend time one-on-one.

This outfit is almost entirely from Amazon and so easy to put together. This Valentino inspired handbag is so cute. It's a fun little bag to spice up any outfit! You can check out my blog all about handbags - Real vs Dupe - HERE.

This denim is my favorite! I have mentioned it several times. It's so stretchy and comes in several colors and options as far as distressed or not. I seriously don't wear any other denim anymore! I have two pairs of this denim and I'm obsessed!

All links are at bottom of this blog. Wishing you all a happy hump day! xo


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