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Frozen 2 - Halloween 2020

Every few years I trick my family into doing a Halloween costume together. It's so much fun to look back at our costumes! It's been so fun for the family to do this together. This year Blakely chose the theme. :)

People always ask me how I get Tim to do this with us. But honestly, he loves Halloween, too! So many laughs and memories from dressing up together. Just silly, family fun. We were all cracking up when Tim put on the Cristoff wig and hat! HAHA Good times. The only one who wasn't thrilled about this situation was Lincoln. He was so pissed haha! Poor little old man. ;)

Tim and I have had a lot of fun costumes and Halloween memories over the past 11 years! I will continue to do this as long as the kids don't hate me for it. Haha Next year, I want Ryder to choose the theme. I think doing a Star Wars theme for the family would be really fun!

I have had some technical difficulties getting ALL my blogs over from the previous site to my new one... which PAINS me. Because it makes it so I can't link or refer to older blogs I've written in the past. So, I'm working on it! I am a tiny bit tech challenged and need lots of help in this area. Fingers crossed I get that all sorted out sooner than later so all my blogs are in one place.

Anyway, links to costumes are at bottom of blog. xo

Photography by Jen Lozano


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