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Gardening with Kids

This year we started to have the kids do more yard work with us on the weekend. It's actually been so cute to see them work so hard! And I don't know if you saw my story on Insta or not, but I've started mowing the lawn this summer! Haha. Guys, this is a big deal. Bahaha. I have never even touched a lawn mower before this summer! Tim has been teaching me how to mow and do other yard work I've never done before - it's been really fun!

Anywho, every summer I plant some flowers in the front and this year the kids were very involved in picking out the flowers, prepping the soil and planting the flowers. This year we added a whole new area of flowers (near the rock/driveway) and that was so fun to create a whole new space. We dug up the rock and had to do more work to get that new area set up. I love the added color to the front!

Since we've planted these, they've grown so big! The kids help me water them most days. It's an easy summer chore they can do. The kids love this little watering can. Haha. But we mostly use the hose (it's just easier!) and they also help us pull weeds. Simple little things, but it's great to see the kids get their hands dirty. I have actually been dreaming of building up a little garden in the backyard where we can grow our own fruits and veggies - but that is a big job. So maybe next year!


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