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Gift Guide 2020

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

Who's ready to get some Christmas shopping done?! With the mailing system being slower due to Covid, and the holidays right around the corner, I am trying to get things done sooner than later. I hate feeling rushed as the holidays get closer. And can you believe we're only EIGHT weeks away from Christmas? Say whaaaaat??

See below for my gift guide for teachers, boys, girls, mom, dad, grandparents, friends, etc. I have all the gifts divided into categories, but of course several of these ideas will work for all sorts of special people in your life! Every single thing linked here is something we've had over the years a LOVED or something the kids are asking for, hoping for, etc.

Thank you all so much for your support and for buying through my links. It means so much to me!

Gifts for TEACHERS:

I know gift cards are a big hit for teachers. I usually give a gift card to a store I know the teacher loves, but I like to put the gift card in something else we are gifting them to make it a bit more personal and exciting.

My best friend is a teacher and has given me tips over the years about gift-giving for teachers. She recommended the idea of the custom stamp. It's such a cute idea! You can customize it however you like! Example: "Mrs. Smith's stamp of approval" or something cute like that.

I recently gifted some candles and wrapped them up with a keychain as part of the wrapping. The keychain had their initial. It was simple but cute! I've also given custom Starbucks tumblers. Everyone loves those! I get that and stuff a gift card inside the tumbler. And of course, I have to mention my CEO of the House Planner! :)

Gifts for HIM:

This one is always my biggest challenge! I really struggle to find gifts for Tim. And to be honest, I always fall back on clothing. He rarely buys himself clothing (except golf shirts - haha) so I usually get him a couple of outfits.

I got him this handheld muscle massager for his birthday this year, and he loves it! We use it all the time. The Perfect Drink was another big hit a few Christmas' ago. This has been one of Tim's favorite toys. Haha! This is really fun for anyone who likes to entertain :)

Gifts for HER:

I obviously love this category. Haha! One for you, one for me. ;) This is a great list if you're giving a gift to a friend, older niece, sister-in-law, cousin, etc.


This category is also quite difficult for me!

I love the idea of making photo books for grandparents. I have yet to do this because we have so many photos! Haha. I have the hardest time picking. BUT, this is a really sweet idea. You could do a "year in review" or just your favorite pictures from over the years. You could even make a book with the grandparent/s with their grandkids! I love these books. These are easy to create and you can completely customize it. Soft cover, hard cover, different covers, etc... Click here to start creating one now!

Gifts for BOYS:

This is a fun category. The kids are always fun to shop for! :) They've gotten some really neat toys and gifts over the years. Here are some of the best ones (plus lots of things the kids are asking for...)

Gifts for GIRLS:

Another fun category :)

Gifts for HOME:

This is all wonderful things for new homeowners, new parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse, etc!

Gifts for DOGS:

Because, duh!


This has been so much fun! I used Mandy from One Fine Party last year. She and I came up with some ideas and she is so talented! Her things are sold individually in her Etsy shop. I highly recommend buying from her! This way, you can buy a few fun things for the elf to do, and you don't have to feel so overwhelmed with doing some full-blown elf activity each night. Haha. These kits and pre-made items are awesome because it takes the stress out of setting up the elf. Click here to see Mandy's shop!

Let me know if you are looking for any other links specifically. Or if any link isn't working (sometimes the expire quickly) and I can text or DM you a new link ASAP. Again, thank you so much for reading this lengthy blog. I hope it provided some inspiration for gift ideas! Please know how much I appreciate all the continued support!

Last note: Check out my CEO of the House Planner - available for sale on my blog! These are great gifts and perfect for anyone who is looking to be more organized and intentional with their time. :)


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