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How to Dress Your Bump

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I remember wondering during my first pregnancy where to shop. It’s overwhelming. Also, I wasn’t sure which things I should splurge on or skip. So I hope this helps you out!

I do a lot of shopping at Destination Maternity. I love that it’s like a “one stop shop” where they have different brands and different price points. Another go-to is ASOS Maternity. But, it can be difficult because it’s online so you have to guess on size and fit. A lot of times I buy ten things and end up returning 6. At least the return shipping is free and it really isn’t much of a hassle. Pink Blush Maternity is another online shop I love for their reasonable prices and different styles.

I splurge on quality items I know I’ll get a ton of use out of or that will go with a lot of different types of outfits. Buying plain things and spicing it up with accessories is always easy and fun.

I really try to stretch my “normal” clothes out at long as possible, but I personally feel more comfortable in maternity clothing. I tried to go shopping for a non-maternity dress for my maternity photo shoot last pregnancy and OMG I felt horrible in everything. I literally wanted to cry in every store. Nothing fit right. My boobs felt huge (and not in a good way) and ugh … ew … I just felt gross. I finally went over to Destination Maternity and felt so comfortable in the first thing I put on. So it’s just trial and error to see what works for you. But for whatever reason, I usually feel that maternity items are more flattering on me.

I think I feel more comfortable in maternity clothing because I’m short (and short-waisted). I feel like taller people can get away with non-maternity clothes for longer. UGH … I hate tall pregnant people. So unfair. 😉

I have carried both of my babies really low, so maternity pants are the first thing I get into. I probably don’t need to wear them as early as I do, but they are just so much more comfortable. And comfort is KEY for me … even when I’m not pregnant.

Being majorly pregnant in summer months is hard because you can’t cover anything up! You’re just hot and miserable. LOL I love maxi skirts because they’re easy and cool enough to wear throughout the summer months. I prefer non-maternity maxi skirts because the maternity maxi skirts have a lot of extra material around the waist. And I never know what to do with it! Fold it? Pull it up over belly? Someone explain this to me!! So I gravitate to my Victoria’s Secret maxi skirts … even when I’m really pregnant.

Wearing layers can make things easier. Wearing a T or tank under a sweater or jacket of some type (leaving it open because it won’t cover the belly) is always an easy option. So, if you already have sweaters and hoodies that you can wear they will give you a lot of flexibility. I’m always jealous of women who are 8-9 months pregnant in the fall/winter because they can layer more and hide things. Being 9 months pregnant in July is not fun!

For the last month (or two) it’s really just about being comfortable. Having some really comfy yoga pants, T’s, etc., is absolutely necessary. I live in comfy clothes and/or workout clothes because they are stretchy and relaxed. I have some of the most comfortable maternity jeans … and even those are just not comfortable in the last weeks of pregnancy. I’m not ashamed to admit that I’m usually in my comfy clothes and/or PJs before 4:00 pm most days! Because, let’s face it, if you’re finished with errands and running around and don’t have to be all dressed up … why not just be comfy?! Having big T’s is key, especially toward the end. My first pregnancy I remember thinking, “I’m not gonna need a size LARGE!!” But… OMG, yes I did! Your belly gets bigger and pulls the shirt up and then it’s too short. UGH! Just do yourself a favor and have a few things that are “too big” around in the last part of your pregnancy because it feels horrible when truly NOTHING fits (except your husbands T’s and even those can barely contain the size of your bump!).

I’m still learning what works and what doesn’t. And I’ve also learned that each pregnancy is really different. It’s a work in progress with weekly (even daily!) changes, but hopefully these little tips will help you know what you really need.

Check out my blog tomorrow for my list of “Must Haves” to survive pregnancy while staying cute and comfy!

What are some things you’ve loved during your pregnancies? Were there things you bought thinking you’d wearing it “all the time” and it wasn’t worth the purchase in the end?


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