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Kids Play Kitchen

The kids used to have a playroom upstairs on the main level of our home. But we've since turned that into our little library for the kids. Since we were finishing the basement, I decided it made more sense to have all the kids toys in one spot. So we moved their kitchen and table to the basement - where the rest of their toys are.

This space is so great because it's open and they have so much space to play. And since social distancing, homeschooling, etc... having space for them to play and be creative has been wonderful!

I love watching the kids play here and use their imaginations. This space is used every day and we love it! We got this kids kitchen a few years ago and before I built it, I painted all the hardware gold. I just bought few cans of spray paint - super easy!

I hope I never forget watching them play together and making me soooo many "meals" in this kitchen. And so many crafts and legos have been built on this table. Oh, the memories made in this space. Makes my mama heart melt!

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