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Lemonade on the Front Porch

Last summer I started putting this little space on our from porch together. This year I added a rug and some lanterns, etc. It's almost always shaded, so we love to sit here and sip lemonade in the afternoon. Sometimes I sit out here with my laptop to work while the kids are playing out front. It's a cozy little spot.

I try to take time to regularly ask the kids simple questions, kind of like we're on a mini date. I ask them things like "what's your favorite color now?", "what is your favorite movie?", "what's your favorite thing to do with mommy?" and I always love hearing their answers. They seem to always change. Haha. These moments don't last long. They're very easily distracted - SQUIRREL! ;) But sometimes we have lemonade or popsicles and I sneak in quick little "chats" with them. I love hearing their little voices talk about things they love. Cutest. It's the little moments I seem to cherish the most.

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