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Maternity Photo Shoot

Updated: Mar 22, 2020

I love maternity photos! I’ve always thought pregnant women were so beautiful and it’s so amazing to see life growing in someone’s belly! But when you’re the one pregnant… you experience it all… the good, the bad and the ugly. So getting dressed up and taking pictures to capture the “good” and the cute baby belly is always fun.

My good friend recommended a photographer she loves and we decided to shoot outside. I had this idea in my mind of shooting somewhere with lots of colorful flowers behind us. I thought it was perfect timing, being early May. WRONG. Classic Colorado. Snowing in early May. Snow came in and wiped out all the flowers that had bloomed. I was so bummed. But I decided to still go ahead with the location (Hudson Gardens) because it’s so pretty and it’s close to home. This way Ryder could swing by for a few pics with my bump as well without it being too much of a hassle.

We had the shoot planned and had to cancel because of the crazy rainy weather. What a pain! When we rescheduled it was another gloomy day with a 65% chance of thunderstorms. I was nervous we’d get all ready and then it would start to rain on us. And let me just say, I do NOT look cute wet. LOL This crazy lion mane of mine gets the tiniest bit of moisture and LOOK OUT. There is a reason one of my nicknames is “Simba”.

We went ahead with the shoot and it turned out great. It was the perfect temperature the entire shoot and the sun even peaked out for a bit. Our photographer found a tree that had white blooms on it and they look great in the pics! I was so happy to get some flowers in the background of a few shots. ☺ 

Our family has used lots of different photographers in the past. I love mixing it up and trying different styles of photography for different occasions. We’ve loved everyone we’ve used and been so lucky to get great family pictures. Anna from Newell Jones and Jones Photography was great! She gave us amazing direction. Telling us where to go, how to stand, what to adjust, etc. I loved the guidance. She was also so sweet and it was fun working with her.

To top it off, I love how the pics turned out! So happy with them and I know I will miss this bump once it’s gone. Having a big bump 24-7 makes even the simplest tasks difficult. But I remember when Ryder was very little that I missed my bump. And before I knew it I had baby fever again and looking forward to having a cute baby bump once again.

I’m so glad my hubby is willing to do these shoots with me. These are moments and pictures I will cherish forever. I already look back at some shoots we did when Ryder was little and my heart just melts thinking back on the different experiences and phases we’ve been through together as a family. Here are some of my favorite shots!


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