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Real vs Dupe Handbags

My love for handbags is reaaaaal, guys. :) I have links of items linked below. Some are the exact same, and some are similar options. If you ever come across a great dupe, DON'T hesitate, just buy it! They go so fast. I have gotten some amazing dupes on Amazon. Another option is to buy handbags that have been used. This is a great option! The price is significantly lower and they are very honest about the marks and "wear" the bag that you're interested in purchasing has. I honestly haven't heard of anyone having a bad experience buying a used handbag before. It's kind of like a "gently used" car. You get the bag you want, but at a much lower price. It oddly makes me feel less stressed about using it at the beginning. Haha. Because getting a fresh, new, out of the box bag that cost a lot of money can be kind of stressful. Haha. Always sucks when you get that first "mark" on your beautiful new bag.

Most of these bags are investment pieces. I will keep them forever and get tons of use out of them! I can already see Blakely stealing my bags in the future. And that thought just makes me smiles, as a girl mom and all. :)

HERE is the link to my YouTube video sharing details about specific bags.

DM me if you have any questions or specific bag/links you're looking for.

A few of my favorite places to shop used handbags, wallets, etc are here Fashionphile, Rebag, Tradesy. For dupes, I shop Amazon and Etsy.


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