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Ryder's 7th Birthday - Dinosaurs

The kids had joint birthday party this year - we have done this every year since Blake was two and Ryder was four. It's been so fun for the kids! But this year was different. I knew we wouldn't be able to have a full-blown birthday party with all our friends like we have had in the past, due to Covid and social distancing.

Because of the virus, trying to be safe, and in an effort to keep things simple, we had only family and friends (who are basically family!) at the kids party. I knew it was going to feel very different for them (compared to previous years) but I wanted to make an effort to make the party feel just as special, even though we were missing soooooo many friends we love. (Insert sad face.)

So I decided I was still going to let them do a new theme and set up their birthday tables they have had the past couple years. I didn't want the kids to feel like this birthday was any less special than birthday parties they've had in the past. The kids understood why the party was just family and we all had a blast! I decided to split the blog up this time (one blog for Ryder and one blog for Blakely) so you could see all the fun details from their parties.

Ryder loved his theme! I was surprised when he picked dinosaur theme, but he was super involved in picking the colors and the overall "look" of his table. His table really did look super cool! He handpicked the dinosaurs he wanted to top his cake. It's so much fun doing these parties for the kids! I love doing their party together (they are both July babies) and seeing their faces light up when their themed tables come together just melts my heart!

I of course had Mandy from One Fine Party create all the personalized items on his table. She's the best! Almost all things for the birthday were from Mandy, Target or Amazon. I will link what I can at bottom of this blog.

So we had a simple little pizza party with music and family. Oh, and a slip 'n slide! :) It was slow and calm and perfect. I am in denial that my baby boy is SEVEN!!! WHAAAAAT? I think my brain is frozen in time when it comes to my babies. Because I'm certain Blakely is two and Ryder is four. Maaaaybe five. But definitely not seven!

Thank you to my dad and his wife (Papa J and Mama D) for being here for the party. And for helping making the awesome balloon garlands with me. Thank you to Jenna for capturing my babies cute parties. All the photos you take of our family will be forever treasured. Thank you to friends Heather and Mark, Kendra and Keegan, and the kids Godparents, Kristin and Derek. You guys mean so much to us. Thank you for joining us - even during a pandemic!

This little dude brings our family so much joy. He is the sweetest, independent, most creative guy I've ever met. Such a chill little early bird with the kindest heart. SO SO grateful to be your mommy. I love you, Ryder Paul!

Photography by Jenna Sparks


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