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Spring Decor

Updated: Apr 3, 2020

Good morning! I decorated the house for spring - and it just makes me so happy! It's the little things in life, eh? I love decorating for holidays, but the kids make it extra special. They love it when I switch things up in the house, and especially love it when I decorate their kids table with holiday themes. (I'll post about their Easter themed kids table another time.)

I have been craving some "year-round" decor for the mantel that I could put up after Christmas. The house seems so bare and sad after all the Christmas decorations get taken down. So I wanted my mantel to feel "full" and happy for spring. And most of these items I will leave up year-round so it doesn't look so bare anymore.

This garland on the mantel is so simple and pretty. I purchased two of these garland strands, because our mantel is large. I will be leaving the flowers and stems throughout summer - only removing the carrots and Easter themed garland once the holiday has passed.

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