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4th of July Style – Red, White + Blue

It’s almost 4th of July! Yay! We love fireworks, Ryder especially. Last year he was SO cute watching them and saying, “fireworks! Fireworks!!!” over and over again. Cutest thing ever. Tim and I were cracking up. He asked about fireworks every night for months. I hope he gets as excited again this year. He’s the cutest!!

Anyway, I love getting the family all dressed up in their Red, white and blue! MERICA! I thought I would link some of the items I’m currently digging that would be great for the 4th. And, look at these adorable kids. I mean, I can’t even handle it.

This silly grin!

How cute is the back of this dress?! 🙂

She’s closer to walking than I’m willing to admit. Loves to “walk” while we help guide her.

Thigh rolls! All the heart eyes…

I had to bribe Ryder with candy. So far, it’s working. I’m screwed when that no longer works. No other tricks up my sleeve. Soooo… that’s banana laffy taffy in his mouth. Eye roll.

OMG I love him. And I love that he’s so willing to kiss and hug me. He’s always saying “hold you”. Meaning he wants you to hold/carry him. Sometimes it’s really annoying and more than I can handle (because I’m already carrying 15 things) but I know I will MISS these days when he no longer wants to be carried and won’t hold my hand while watching Paw Patrol. He’s so funny right now and I don’t want him to grow up!! 😦

I seriously can’t believe these are mine. I made them. They are awesome and it’s these little moments that absolutely meltttttt meeeeeeee. (Blake is “chatting” here. She’s very chatty lately and loves to “talk” to us. It’s adorable!!)


Navy Off Shoulder Shift Dress – similar to my dress shown

Red V Neck T Shirt – love this tee!!

White Crochet Shorts – so cute!

Red Lipstick (color: ruby woo) – wearing Red TB Flip Flops – wearing Michael Kors Watch – wearing


V Neck T Shirt – love these

Trucker Hat – love


Native Shoes – love these!!!

Baseball Tee – love


Open Back Eyelet Dress – what Blake is wearing. SO cute.

One piece outfit – darling!!

Swimsuit – adorable

Canvas Shoes – Blake is wearing in pics


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