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5 Things I Do Every Night

Hey guys! Here are a few tricks I’ve learned along the way to help make the next morning a little smoother. They may seem totally obvious, but it took me a while to realize how much these few things helped me the following morning! I felt like I was always 1,592 steps one step behind and couldn’t keep my head above water. Running late to appointments, play dates, etc. I hope these little tricks help you and if you’ve got more ideas, I’d love to hear!!!

1. Plan outfits Every night I set out both babies outfits in the hallway upstairs by our playroom. I have their bow/hat, shoes, diapers, clothes, everything. This way it’s all in one place and requires no thought. I don’t have to go in each closet and spend time choosing what they’ll wear, find their shoes, etc. I keep a bin in the playroom with extra wipes, diapers, hair gel, socks, bows, sunscreen, dirty diaper bags, etc so I don’t have to get up to find 15 different things while getting everyone dressed in the morning.

I recently started laying my outfit (if you count yoga pants and a nursing tank as an “outfit”) out as well. I just have it waiting for me in my bathroom so again, it takes no thought. Even if we are just going to the grocery store and I’m in workout clothes, I don’t have to find anything. I have my bra, shoes, pants, tank top, everything sitting out so I don’t have to find anything in the morning when everyone needs me!

I try to get up a little before the kids so I can have time to do my makeup, hair, get dressed, make coffee, etc. But sometimes they wake up very early and I don’t. So this just saves me a few minutes and I brush my teeth and slap on some tinted moisturizer while the kids play with toys in my bathroom. 2. Prepare breakfast/snacks/lunch the night before If I know we are going somewhere the next day (the zoo, playdate, soccer, etc) I set out everything I will need in the morning. I get out all the plates, baby food, spoons, etc for breakfast, have the lunchbox packed, milk already in Ryder’s sippy cup, water bottles out, bibs, EVERYTHING. This way breakfast is easy and everything we need for lunch/snacks for the day is already in the lunchbox or waiting for me in the fridge.

This saves me a lot of time and stress! It’s much easier for me to get out the door when I don’t have to get a ton of things organized for our outing with two babies also needing my attention. 3. Shower at night I always shower at night (or sometimes during their nap time). I wait until they are both down for the night and then I don’t feel rushed when I’m in the shower and can take my time. Sometimes a nice long shower (or bath) is just what the doctor ordered!

I also try to blow dry my hair that evening… Sometimes even curling my hair! Yes, I curl my hair before I go to bed. My hubby is always teasing me, “got a hot date later tonight?” LOL My hair usually holds curl really well and it just makes it easier for me in the morning. Then I don’t have to do anything to my hair in the morning! I don’t even brush it! Ha.

Often times I will braid my hair (to keep it out of my face or because it’s realllllllllly dirty) but that only takes 2 minutes! If you’re newer to braiding your own hair, don’t try this for the first time on the morning you have plans and have to get three people dressed and out the door! Practice at night when you’re watching your favorite show on the couch and before you know it, you’ll be a pro and you’ll be able to braid your hair at a stop light while driving to the Zoo. LOL 4. Power Hour Ok, so it’s not REALLY an hour. It’s usually 20 minutes. But Tooth and I (and TJ if he’s with us!) set a timer and clean for 20 minutes or so. We try to do this every night, but realistically, it’s about 3-4 nights a week. We talk about areas that need the most attention (usually dishes, folding laundry, picking up toys, hanging clean laundry, etc) and DO IT – FAST! We get a surprising amount of cleaning done in a short amount of time. When the timer goes off, we’re done. We’ll pick up where we left off tomorrow…

It’s just kinda nice to have a game plan and to be on the same page. It’s annoying when one person is in a “clean up” mood and the other is in a “I’m chillin on the couch” mood. This way, we both get shit done quickly and neither one of us has to pull all the weight.

This has been a major help with my anxiety! I just do a lot better when the house feels clean and somewhat put together. I sleep better and it helps me wake up in a better mood! 5. Have a plan for dinner If I don’t have a plan for dinner, I’m screwed. And so is the rest of my family. I HATE, i repeat HAAATTTEE making dinner. But when there is a plan, it makes it much easier for me to take it on. I try to make a plan for the week. I almost always get off track, but it still helps. Sometimes the plan looks like this: Monday- Chick-Fil-A, Tuesday- Tacos, Wednesday- Jimmy Johns, Thursday- Pizza, Friday- Crockpot Recipe/Soup. Hey, I didn’t say the meals were FANCY. Or even homemade. But it’s food. And hungry people like food.

I don’t think Tooth cares what’s for dinner, as long as there is something! I like to keep frozen pizza, lasagna and pasta in our freezer – in case of emergency. I also always have mac n cheese for Ryder. I have 5 go-to recipes that are easy for me to make and I don’t feel stressed grocery shopping or prepping them.

We are in a VERY busy phase of life. I’ll get into my Rachel Ray phase of wifing/mothering/chefing someday. But NOT today. Today, it’s pizza. And anything else that requires VERY little thought or energy. Tim is also very willing to help make dinner, so sometimes he’ll say, “I’ll take Monday!” and I let him. I don’t care what he makes. I appreciate the help!!!

Also, TJ makes dinner for us once a week. Usually Thursday night. Sometimes, life is too busy and he skips this. But we like him to help in this area. He started doing this when he was ten (it was recommended to us in a parenting class to have children cook a meal a week once they are 10. We will have Ryder and Blake do the same!) and he loves it. Well, sometimes he loves it. Other times it’s a total DRAG. Ha. We encourage him to “keep it simple” and make easy things. Sometimes he makes hotdogs or frozen pizza. Sometimes he will make delicious pasta from a recipe he found online that takes him 2+ hours!!! Either way, I don’t care. He is in charge of choosing the meal, setting the table AND cleaning up afterward. One day a week. It’s awesome!

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I also have out everything I need to make myself coffee in the morning. Fruit and cheese are cut and ready to be thrown in lunch box in the morning, milk in sippy cup in fridge and everything I will need to make us sandwiches in the morning is all sitting on the counter!

Oh, and here are some random but very cute pictures of my stud, Ryder. I’m so in love with him! 🙂 SO much easier to take on the day when I am prepared the night before.

Those dang duck lips. Get me every time.

I hope some of this helps!! Being a mom is HARD and takes a lot of energy. Some weeks I feel like I am really on top of things. Others I legit can barely keep my head above water and FREAK OUT often. (My poor hubby.)

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These were/are very helpful for me and my hubby to read and try to understand. You can also catch my Mommy Monday blog HERE. There is a new Mommy Monday blog posted by a guest writer every Monday if you’re interested in other mom experiences. Love to you all!!!

Ryder in pictures above:

Beanie // Magnetic Toy – He LOVES!


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