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Adventures in Boulder

This past weekend we ventured off to Boulder with the babies. Tooth and I are always torn between doing “fun” things with kids. Wondering if it’s worth the huge effort to get everyone out the door with feeding schedules, diapers, strollers, jackets, snacks, iPad, blankets, naps, etc. We are always saying, “but what will we do?!”. Because the kids are so little, they can’t really do much. We can’t go skiing. Or go to movies. Or even go ice skating. But I’ve come to the conclusion that you just have to do it! Unless you want to be the family that doesn’t do anything or go anywhere. Which is totally fine. But it’s just not my style. I want to go out on mini adventures with my little family. Sure, it’s a lot of work. And can be exhausting. But totally worth it. Otherwise, we never do anything! Plus, if we don’t make some sort of plan with the kids every now and then, all of our weekends and “free time” is spent running errands, doing laundry, fixing things around the house, going to Costco, etc. Because the list. Never. Ends. #amiright So even though our “adventures” might seem insignificant and small right now, that’s ok. I’m still enjoying it and soaking up every little family memory we can make.  So we packed up the car and went to Boulder for the day a few hours. LOL It was chilly, but not bad and we just walked around Pearl Street. Going in fun little toy stores with the kids and sipping on hot coffee. We also ate lunch at the West End Tavern. Yum! And I swear every song that came on was a flash back to middle school. (Insert Sublime.) Haha. It’s probably the most annoying thing to Tim when I sing to every song that comes on. Ha! But we ended up having a lot of fun. Even though our “fun” has changed significantly since having little ones.  What do you do as a family when your kiddos are little? Would love ideas! Any places you love to go or do while your little ones are still really young? 

My baby. How is he already two and a half?! Stay little, Ryder Paul.

Goofball stole his sissy’s teething binki cord. There will be a whole blog about these adorable binki clips soon! SOOO cute. You can see all their designs here: LouLou Lollipop

I think he enjoyed the corn dogs 😉

A dad and his babies. Probably one of the hottest things!

This kid lives the life! Cruisin around watching “minions” on the iPad.

This girl!! She’s so goofy and smiles with her entire body. I love it!

Both kids are always happy to get back home after a long day out and about. Ryder is starting to kiss Blakely. Not very often. LOL But he’s digging her smiles and I know he loves her. He’s so sweet to her, even when he’s jealous. Always making sure she’s ok and trying to give her the paci. So sweet!

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