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Alchemy Beauty – Organic Spray Tan

Hey guys! I have to tell you about the best thing ever, Alchemy Beauty. This is a full serive mobile salon!!! Say whaaaaat?! They bring whatever service you’re wanting straight to your home (or office or wherever you want them to go).

Bree came over to my house last week to give me a custom, organic spray tan – in my living room! Bree is darling and so professional. I call this spray tan “custom” because you can tell her exactly the color you want and where you don’t want it. I didn’t want it on my chest (I am still nursing) and wanted it lighter on my face, feet and hands. When you get a spray tan in a booth, you can’t be so specific. The tan was a beautiful color and I wore shorts all weekend! I promise you I wouldn’t have dared to wear shorts with my Casper legs before Bree came to give me a spray tan – ha!

The amazing thing about this tan is it shows immediately and darkens over time. I loved the immediate results and wish I would have taken better pictures! But here is a before and after pic of me. This is less than five minutes after she finished! I felt so pretty with this tan and even my husband noticed! HEEEEEYYYYY… still got it! 😉 But seriously, I swear I could dye my hair bright blue and he wouldn’t notice. But I get a nice spray tan and he notices?! That’s awesome. Or annoying? I’m not sure. 😉

I told you they weren’t the best pics. Ha! But… I felt instantly tan! And I swear my face looked thinner immediately. God love you, spray tan!

This picture was taken a few hours after the tan – see it getting darker? Love it. This is just one of the many services they provide. You can check out there website HERE to see other services they offer. Also, call if you have any questions about pricing (price varies depending on location).

Bree mentioned hosting parties before and I thought that would be so much fun! Have a bunch of friends over once the kids are in bed and get a mani/pedi and a spray tan?! I’M IN!

I thought this would be a great gift if you’re looking to pamper anyone in your life. What a fun and unexpected gift! Who doesn’t love being pampered? Plus, not sitting in the car for 20-60 minutes each way to the salon? Huge bonus.

I’d love to hear about it if you guys try any of these services out! Bree is so sweet, I’m sure you’ll love her!

It felt so great to wear this dress knowing my legs weren’t GHOST white.

You can check them out on Instagram as well! @alchemybeautysalon

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