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Athleisure + Sweat

This athleisure look is my jam. Just don’t tell anyone that I am in fact not headed to the gym. Mmmk? I have never made New Years Resolutions, but this year while friends (you know, like Kim K and Khloe) were talking about their goals I realized I haven’t consistently been to the gym in ages!! Ages. I have gone through little waves of different things (shout out to barre workouts and Orange Theory – love you long time) but nothing consistently. Since Ryder was born! Which is embarrassing. #oops

So I’ve decided once we get our house a little bit more in order (it still feels like a madhouse over here, stepping over boxes everywhere we go) I want to try my hardest to fit in some regular workouts. Shit, just walking to the mailbox would do a body good! Nothing intense or overly scheduled. Just need to sweat. Even just once a week would be a huge improvement. So embarrassing. I know I’m chasing around toddlers and running around. But I don’t know if that type of sweat counts. Does it?

Anywho, that brings me to these new kicks. Because I haven’t been wearing my athletic shoes to actually workout in, I’ve gotten away with wearing very old shoes for a long time. I saw these and had to have them stat! They are such a bright, fun color. Having new workout gear always gets me a little bit more excited and motivated about working out. Please tell me I’m not the only one who has completely let this part of my life go? I have accidentally become that mom who stopped taking care of myself because so many other little people and things need my attention. And it’s draining. But I’m determined to make small changes to improve my mood and health. Plus, kids are watching me. I need and want to be a good example!

This jacket is so freaking cute. It’s cut perfectly. I really recommend it! And this cashmere sweater is sooooo amazing. I always look forward to wearing this thing when I see it in the clean-clothes pile headed upstairs. You know, the pile that I tell myself I’ll hang, but I never do. And how cute is this workout bag?? I’m sure if I had this beauty, I would be motivated to workout more regularly. Right? 😉

Workout bag // Sports bra here + here

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