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BabyRagz Bandana Bib GIVEAWAY!

Time for another GIVEAWAY! Yay! I have teamed up with BabyRagzShop to giveaway a $25 giftcard to purchase one of these bandana bids that are sooo cute! They are reversible, which is awesome! You get a two-in-one here. I love that if Blake spits out food on this bib, I can just reverse it and it looks clean again. I’m pretty sure that’s WINNING in mom life. Ha!

You can check out their shop HERE. SOOO cute. Head over to Instagram: @whatsup_buttarcup to see how to enter giveaway. (FYI You can not enter giveaway through blog or Facebook.) GOOD LUCK! Tag anyone on Instagram that you think might be interested in entering the giveaway.

My poor baby has a cold and wasn’t too happy with a giant flash going off in her face this morning! Oops. We got this adorable flamingo from the Zoo a few weeks ago. I will link a similar flamingo we have the Blake loves! Oh, and in my sleepy state I put Blake’s bow on upside down. Whoops a daisy. 🙂

Blake is always stealing my makeup brushes. It’s so cute!

These bandana bibs are adorable (and uni-sex). I just might need a few more. 😉


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