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Barre Forte Update

Hey guys! So I am two more weeks into my experience at Barre Forte (a month total). I have been loving it!! The different classes are so much fun and I’ve had a few friends take classes and/or join me who are also loving it. I’m so glad. Meeting friends at the gym is much better than going alone. So many times I would skip but knowing that a friend is meeting me there makes me go! And I need that accountability partner to push me. Push me to get there and to work harder once I’m there! 🙂 

These classes, you guys! So hard and amazingly fun!! The Burn at the Barre class almost killed me. Ha! And I mean that in the best way possible. I also LOVED the Barre Sculpt class. Barre Fuzed is also amazing and a friend and I took Cardio Flirt together. They dim the lights in that class and blast music like you’re in a club. SOOO much fun!! Oh! The Barre X classes… I had no idea what to expect for this. It was so much fun and the exercises are things I’d never do on my own, because they are hard! LOL But seriously all these classes are so much fun, you don’t even care that you’re about to die. 😉 I still haven’t made it to a vertical barre class, but really looking forward to that! Also, if you can squeeze in a quick workout on your lunch hour, they offer Barre Express classes that are 40 minutes and that’s definitely enough time to BURN. 

I signed up for six classes in a week (a couple weeks ago). I made it to five and I was so proud of myself! But I do think I pushed myself too hard. Not physically. I loved the push in that way! I love feeling my body shake and change. Oh my gosh, I have missed feeling the BUUURRRRN. It burns so good! But it just felt like too much with my babies. Blakely is only four months old and I miss her so much when I’m away from her. And my Ryder man. I miss him SO much, too. In that fifth class in one week, I cried on the way home because I miss my babies so much. So I skipped the sixth class I had signed up for that week and told myself my new goal is to take three classes or so a week. I am still trying to find a balance! We are all still adjusting to life as a family of five. Sometimes I forget how new it still is and have to remind myself to take it easy. I CRAVE lazy days at home in my pjs snuggling my sweet little babies. I often beg my husband to slow down. Needing more mornings/days that are slow paced where we drink coffee and watch cartoons in bed. Life moves fast with three kids! We are trying to find time and places in the week where we can carve out time to slow down. 

The following week (this past week) I didn’t make it to ONE class!!! LOL OOPS! But this week was nuts. My husband worked loooong days all week and I barely saw him. I felt like I was just trying to keep my head above water and the last thing I could find time to do was barre. Dang it. But, it’s a new week! I’m really going to shoot for 2-4 classes a week. I think anything more than that right now is just too much. I want to be with my babies. More than anything! And I refuse to feel guilty about that. This time passes by so quickly. These younger years are precious to me and I just want to sit at home at stare at them. Memorizing there faces. 

Speaking of memorizing their faces… I needed (and did) just that this weekend. Blake and I took a nap together. I treasure these moments with her. I wrap my naked babe up in a blanket with me and just take it all in. Inhaling her sweet baby scent and feeling overwhelmed with love. I stare at her eyelashes. Watching her breathe in and out, so peacefully. Sucking on her binki, which just melts me. I tickle her chubby cheeks and neck trying desperately to memorize the curves of her face. And let her hold onto my fingers. I love it. Her tiny little hands in mine. Those itty bitty finger nails. Her rubber band rolls on her arms. That baby soft skin. UGH. I can’t. Get. Enough. I love watching her dream and I’m overly aware that before I know it, she’ll be grown and these memories will start to fade. I play with her hair, which she loves. Imagining what it’s going to be like when she has long hair I can tuck behind her adorable little ears. I wonder if she’ll want her ears pierced? What her little voice will sound like. I can’t wait to watch her grow but also hate the fact that I can’t freeze time. Bottle these moments up so I can revisit this sweetness again later in life. I think this is why I love photography so much. I know I’ll love looking back at the thousands of pictures I have!! I wish I had more videos of Ryder and I’m trying to take more now. He is just the cutest! Saying the funniest things and running around carrying 4 balls, a screw driver and his milk. So cute!

Ok, WOW. Side tracked! Anyway, I love barre. And I can’t wait to get my body to a place where I feel more comfortable. But for now, I’m going to focus mostly on my babies and if there is time for me to get away for a quick workout, great. If the week or day is too crazy, I’m not going to stress out about it. The great news is, barre is always there! The teachers and owners are the sweetest! And so tough. I hope you try it out and let me know if you do! I’m going to continue going (duh, I love it!) and will keep you updated on my progress and experiences with the different classes, etc. I hope you all love it as much as I do! 

And let me leave you with these sweet pictures of my sleeping babe. Oh, my heart!


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