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Blakely Gray 1/2 Birthday

Our little Blakers is 6 months old so of COURSE I had to buy her this hat! :)))))) I mean, come on. Seriously?! She’s just the cutest thing there EVERRR WAAASSSSSS!!!! She is such a smiley little baby (even though she’s majorly teething) and is so happy. She loves rolling around alllll over the place. She loves tummy time and pushing her arms straight up under her so she can see “way high”! She can’t sit up on her own yet, but she does a pretty good job balancing if there is a pillow or blanket helping her stay up. She’s getting very grabby and reaches for everything in sight! She loves to play with my protein bar wrappers and listening to them crinkle. And of course she puts everything in her mouth! Teething is so sad and breaks my heart to hear her cry in pain. But she’s a trooper and just needs some extra snuggles and love. She’s very chill and happy but at the same time definitely lets you know if you’ve pissed her off. HA! If you take something away that she wants, she gets really loud/mad really fast. And for some reason even that is adorable. Very different than Ryder as a baby. She seems to be sensitive and emotional. So girly already. We love her!!! Daddy just melts over her and loves on her every chance he gets. Ok… Back to this hat. Which makes me grin from ear to ear. Seriously, you can see all of my teeth. My smile is almost as annoying as Katie Holmes’. …Almost. Picture overload in 3… 2… 1…

I realize these pictures are all very similar. But I couldn’t choose. She’s too cute in every single one!

Those cheeks… Seriously?! YUMMY


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