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Blakely Gray – 10 Months Old

WHAT?! How can it be? My baby girl is already 10 months old! In ways it feels like she’s brand new and in other ways it feels like she’s always been with us and our family wouldn’t be complete without her.  She is SO much fun.

Newest trick?… Grinding her teeth! EWWW. Nails on a chalk board. Yuck. I think she does it because her new teeth coming in are bugging her? But wowsa. Freaks me out! She still loves playing with Lincoln and isn’t afraid to climb all over him, pull on his tail and steal his toys. They play tug of war and she giggles so hard! Watching them together is adorable.

Ryder gets VERY worried about her stealing his toys, so even if she’s across the room but headed in his direction he shouts, “NO BWAKEWY!!” and will sometimes offer her a different (and boring) toy he isn’t currently entertained with himself. LOL “Here Bwakewy, pway wif this bat,” as he hands her a plastic baseball bat. So funny.

She HATES getting dressed or changing her diaper. Pulls all kinds of ninja tricks and it’s a full on wrestling match with her! She’s very sensitive and cries HARD and instantly if her feelings are hurt. (Very different from Ryder as baby.) Blakers loves her bed and sleeps with stuffed animals now. She is way more entertained by stuffed animals than Ryder ever was. I think it’s SO cute when she snuggles them. The second I put her in her crib for nap or bedtime she rolls straight to her stomach and strokes the soft sheets with her hands. Ryder did the SAME THING! So cute.

Blake continues to love bath time and sits up on her own like a big girl. She’s pulling up on everything!!!! It still shocks me when I walk in her room in the morning and she’s standing up in her crib. She has little interest in toys with lights and buttons. These types of toys would entertain Ryder for HOURS. Not my baby girl. She’s alllll over the place. Busy bee! Ryder was very chill and took his time learning to crawl and walk.

She smiles BIG smiles every day and still has 6 teeth. They are the cutest teeth I’ve ever seen. I hope she doesn’t grind them off! She loves to laugh and be held. Daddy and Blakes exchange good night kisses every night before bedtime. Tooth makes it very dramatic, going in for big, loud kisses. She LOVES this. Laughs so hard and loves the attention and affection from daddy.

Blakers loves eating her banana baby crackers and the mini yogurt bites. Those are her FAV! She’s already trying to steal the baby food pouches from me and squirt it into her mouth all by herself. I swear Ryder was WAYYYY older before he cared to hold the pouch himself. Ha!

Ryder will randomly get excited to hold her and say, “Bwakewy sit in my lap. I howd her, mommy.” She doesn’t like to sit still for long so sometimes he gets upset that she won’t just sit there in his lap. It’s really cute and legit melts my heart.

These chubby cheeks!! I can’t contain myself!!

Wild girl! Won’t sit still for two seconds.

These socks kill me. So freaking cute.

We love you so much sweet baby girl. Your smiles brighten our days more than you know. XO – Mommy and Daddy

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